Watch As Hoards Of Migrants Illegally Cross US-Mexico Border With Ease

The video footage you’re about to see is just more evidence of Joe Biden’s betrayal of the United States and its people.

To allow (and encourage) this level of lawlessness at such a precarious time in America — during a waning pandemic, massive labor market failure, food shortages, skyrocketing inflation, and historic gas prices — is not only grounds for impeachment but should result in imprisonment as well.

It’s unthinkable for a sitting President to allow foreign invaders to completely disregard U.S. immigration law solely for the purpose of importing a new group of voters and with every intention of radically changing America’s demographics.

Hundreds of migrants continue crossing the border into an overwhelmed Texas border sector near Eagle Pass, Texas. At one crossing, only two Border Patrol agents were on hand to process more than 100 migrants.

A group of well over 100 migrants streamed across the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas. Conservative reporters were on the scene to capture the illegal immigrants as they tore through border gates and fencing.

At the time this group of migrants crossed, there were only two Border Agents on duty, according to the journalist on the ground. Texas National Guard soldiers deployed under Operation Lone Star stood by to assist, but don’t have the legal authority to make any arrests or immediately issue deportation of migrants.

The caravan of illegals identified themselves as citizens of Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela.

One reporter called the group, “One of the biggest single groups I’ve ever seen during my border trips to Eagle Pass.”

About an hour later, the Fox News reporter tweeted a video of a woman carrying a small girl. She said smugglers in Mexico handed her the unknown toddler and directed her to bring the little girl across.

The two-year-old girl carried a note with instructions to contact her mother in Dallas, Texas. Melugin said the mother acted nonchalantly and said she expects the U.S. government to bring her daughter to her.

The callousness in which the Biden administration manages the border crisis is truly insane.

Driven by fear of being called ‘xenophobic’ or ‘racist’, as Trump did, the Biden administration is instead allowing small children to be trafficked into the United States without any legal repercussions.

Let that sink in.

Author: Nolan Sheridan