Gross: Far-Left Governor Hopes To Create Abortion Sanctuary

The culture divide continues to widen as progressive politicians ramp up their willingness to enable seriously evil, crude, and nonsensical pro-abortion programs that are a waste of taxpayer money and a serious blight on the American way of life.

Such is the case with radical Governor of California Gavin Newsom, who may arguably be the most progressive Governor in all of the United States.

Earlier this week, Gov. Newsom announced a plan to waste $57 million in taxpayer dollars on paying for abortions for out-of-state and uninsured residents. Abortion tourists may enter California and kill their unborn child free of charge.

The announcement brings Newsom’s proposed spending on out-of-state abortion tourism to $125 million, a shocking figure if you consider what it’s being used for.

The new spending comes ahead of an anticipated decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the controversial 1973 ruling that established a “right” to abortion. A leaked majority opinion by Justice Samuel Alito in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization would return authority over abortion to the separate states.

Upon news of the probable decision, Gov. Newsom vowed to build a “firewall” around the state to protect abortion, proposing an amendment to the state constitution granting the right to an abortion to replace the federal one.

On Wednesday, he added that the state would spend on abortions for uninsured visitors, as well as on a “California Reproductive Justice & Freedom Fund” for pro-abortion community organizations, a “Reproductive Rights” website, and research on the “unmet needs for reproductive health care services.” Newsom also proposed a package of business incentives to encourage companies to relocate to California to take advantage of the state’s liberal abortion laws.

What an incredible, unprecedented, and evil use of taxpayer dollars — especially in a state that consistently misuses public funds for social welfare programs.

The Democrat Party has become a pro-war, pro-murder party hellbent on transforming the country into a hand-holding wasteland of homeless tent cities and mass surveillance. They want to destroy your ability to earn a living, rip your family apart (literally), and execute the single-greatest redistribution of wealth not seen since Soviet Russia.

Author: Robert Bogart