White House Tells SCOTUS Rioters: ‘We Encourage You’ To Continue

Could you imagine the backlash if a Republican administration issued a statement through their White House press secretary that not only are they not condemning domestic terrorism against sitting SCOTUS justices, but are actively encouraging it to continue?

That’s precisely how the Biden White House is handling hoards of rioters outside the private homes of conservative Supreme Court justices. Their willingness to encourage the riots ports perfectly to their encouragement of widescale abortion. They want to kill babies and punish anyone who stops them from doing so.

The desire to prematurely murder one’s own child is so strong on the left, that they’re willing to test the federal government’s authority.

But let’s face it, these protestors know they won’t face any consequences for their blatant disregard of federal law. Only Trump supporters get thrown in gulags, not Democrats!

On Tuesday, outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki caught the ire of most conservatives when she said the Biden administration continues to “support” what they call “peaceful” protests outside the homes of sitting Supreme Court justices.

Her remarks come after the entirety of liberal America lost their minds after a draft decision leaked signaling an end to the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. A reversal of Roe could potentially result in widespread bans on abortion throughout the country.

“So, I know that there’s an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date, and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes,” Psaki later added. “And that’s the president’s position.”


Psaki attempted to make wild comparisons between a mob of angry baby killers outside the private homes of Supreme Court justices and the “insurrection against America’s capitol” while at the podium on Tuesday.


Does her statement even require a rebuttal? It’s wholly ridiculous and in no way is an apt comparison.

Multiple Republicans have called out the administration’s response to leftists showing up to the homes of Supreme Court justices.


Ted Cruz condemned the protests during an interview with Sean Hannity in which he declared “None of these Democrats care.” 


Judging from the video footage accompanying Cruz’s interview, it’s safe to say he’s 100% correct.

Author: Asa McCue