Deafening Silence: Biden’s Disinformation Board Gets Zero Liberal Coverage

It truly comes as no surprise that every major liberal network is not keen on broadcasting the sinister truth behind Biden’s new Disinformation Board or the woman he’s tasked with running it.

The pernicious intentions of the Biden administration to form an entirely new level of bureaucracy to better identify and punish political speech that doesn’t fit into polite liberal society is more than likely not a story Democrats want out there.

The nation’s leading television networks have ignored the Biden administration’s creation of a so-called “Ministry of Truth” and the appointment of a controversial czar known for cringe-worthy videos, hypocritical tweets, and the promotion of the Russia hoax.

In a new report from the Media Research Center, morning and evening network news shows have not mentioned the Disinformation Governance Board created by the Department of Homeland Security, despite widespread criticism by Republicans.


“Since April 27, the morning and evening newscasts have stayed silent on the DHS board. They have also been quiet on the background of Nina Jankowicz, the partisan, hard-left Democrat who is to run it,” added the report from Scott Whitlock, the research director at NewsBusters.

In fact, just the opposite has happened on liberal cable sites such as CNN, which has mocked conservative media concerns about the “Truth Ministry.”

The apparent effort to muzzle news about the new agency and its leader has come despite a push by 175 Republicans to get more information about the transparency agency and its head.

Conservative journalist Jerry Dunleavy reported recently that among other controversial moves and statements, Jankowicz pushed the Russia hoax story to discredit former President Donald Trump.

“Nina Jankowicz has cited Christopher Steele as a disinformation expert, made misleading claims about the funding of his dossier, cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story, downplayed Iranian election meddling, and critiqued the Wuhan, China, lab leak hypothesis,” Dunleavy reported.

However, she’s received ZERO coverage on the leading television networks.

You would think that journalists, who make their living off of free speech, would be alarmed over a disinformation board run by a partisan with a very loose grasp on facts. But they don’t seem very bothered.

Probably because the idea of ‘disinformation’ lies entirely in the minds of elitist liberals who wish to seize all cultural and governmental control from conservatives. Like any other social justice outrage over the past decade, the hysteria over ‘disinformation’ is another prime example of the way in which Democrats monopolize power.

Be warned: This has nothing to do with actual truth.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney