Lyin’ Biden Tries To Convince Americans His Economy Is Strong

Joe Biden and the Democrats are so out of touch with reality that it’s actually quite alarming.

While addressing a group of White House reporters on Wednesday, Joe Biden actually claimed that his economic policies are superior to Donald Trump’s. In fact, Biden truly believes that his tax-and-spend liberalism is the cause of a supposed shrinking national deficit.

Who f****** cares about the national deficit when the federal government keeps printing money just to send it to Ukraine?

Also, how can Biden seriously claim that’s overseeing a strong economy when American families can barely afford to feed their families or fuel their cars? What good does lowering the national deficit do for them?

Instead, Joe Biden plans to raise taxes on those very people, creating an additional strain on their pocketbooks.

On Wednesday, Biden lambasted the “ultra-MAGA agenda” before boasting of recent economic data that implies a reduction of the national deficit.

In an attempt to defend his administration from high levels of inflation, Biden argued that his Republican predecessor had contributed to rising costs for consumers by adding to the federal deficit with corporate tax cuts.

Biden said his administration was on track to cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion by the end of the fiscal year, calling it “the biggest decline in the single year ever in American history.”

He said the Treasury Department would also pay down the national debt this quarter for the first time since 2016. “It didn’t happen a single quarter under my predecessor,” Biden said. “Not once.”

He added: “The bottom line is that the deficit went up every year under my predecessor before the pandemic and during the pandemic.”

Biden’s defense of his handling of the economy takes on increasing urgency for Democrats in an election year and as the country wrestles with rising prices for everyday goods. Critics have pointed to the trillions of dollars in federal spending under the Biden administration, with more proposed but unable to pass the Senate, as a significant contributing factor.

On Wednesday, Biden settled on a simple message: “We reduce federal borrowing, and we help combat inflation,” he said in remarks from the White House.

Reduce federal borrowing?! What about the billions upon billions you’ve sent to Ukraine? What about the billions upon billions more you still want to send to Ukraine?!

But he also blamed Republicans, charging that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed under the Trump administration had hurt ordinary people by adding to the government’s costs.

“I don’t want to hear Republicans talk about deficits and their ultra-MAGA agenda,” Biden said, charging that the deficit increased because of a “reckless $2 trillion tax cut … that was not paid for.”



Author: Ann Taylor