Progressive Lawmaker Incites Riot Outside SCOTUS Building

We can’t help but to laugh at the theatrical performance an outraged Elizabeth Warren gave after a Supreme Court draft leaked signaling a glorious end to Roe v. Wade.

A distraught Elizabeth Warren was seen shaking, screaming, and waling before eventually calling for an insurrection on the Supreme Court. A move like this would get a Republican thrown in a Washington D.C. gulag for years!

The progressive Senator addressed a disgruntled crowd gathered outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday and she clearly couldn’t keep her emotions in check. Or she’s playing it up for the cameras and the voters ahead of the midterm elections. Many will agree that the latter is probably more likely.

As a drum beat steadily in the background, Warren complained that the battle had already been going on “for decades,” adding, “And we are gonna fight back!”

The crowd erupted in cheers, and Warren continued, arguing that the people who would be impacted if Roe v. Wade was really overturned were those who could least afford the impact.

“Well, I am here because I am angry,” Warren said again. “And I am here because the United States Congress can change all of this.”

“Understand this! Understand this,” she added. “I have seen the world where abortion is illegal, and we are not going back. Not ever. So say it with me, ‘We are not going back.’”

Several reporters followed Warren as she walked away, and she spoke with them briefly as well.

Warren went on to argue that the majority of Americans would prefer to have Roe v. Wade remain as the law of the land, and one protester could be heard shouting over her about how those in favor of abortion were supporting dismembering children in the womb.

“Extremists … We’ve heard enough from the extremists,” Warren said.

At what point in this country did it become ‘extreme’ to oppose the brutal murder of unborn children?

Wouldn’t it be in fact more extreme to believe that a ‘clump of cells’, which eventually forms a child, should be legally terminated at the mother’s whim?

The faux Native American is a politician first and foremost. As much as she hopes to become a radical freedom fighter of the 1960s or a suffragist from the early 1900s, she’s just a radical leftist whose party is in dire straits.

Author: Vasily Ivanov