Biden Suffers Visible Brain Malfunction When Asked About Roe v. Wade

Pardon the language but this guy is f****** joke!

The ostensibly Catholic Joe Biden spoke to a group of reporters on Tuesday to discuss the leaked Supreme Court draft that signaled a glorious end to Roe v. Wade.

He warned that overturning the landmark abortion ruling could result in the reversal of other progressive accomplishments, such as the passage of same-sex marriage.

Earlier in the day, Biden vowed to oppose the ruling whenever it is handed down, called for voters to elect “pro-choice” lawmakers, and asked Congress to pass legislation codifying Roe.

Shouldn’t it concern you that your party supports the murdering of children up until the third trimester?

As he launched into a pro-abortion tirade, the cognitively deficient president began to lose steam, and this is when he started speaking gibberish.

During his rant, Biden said, “No one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child.” 

But I thought fetuses weren’t children? 

Side note: Isn’t it hilarious when leftists refute biology when it’s time to define a ‘women’ and then suddenly claim that only ‘women’ are allowed to have an opinion on abortion?  Which one is it?

Biden proceeded to fear monger about the potential consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade, including the nonsensical belief that same-sex marriage will somehow vanish as result. The mentally retarded president went on to claim that “the public” should not be making decisions about fundamental rights “at the moment.”

So, who should be making these decisions? The new Disinformation Governance Board?

Biden, a Catholic, has said he is personally anti-abortion but radically supports a woman’s choice to kill her unborn child up until the third trimester.

So he doesn’t personally murder any babies but he’s okay with other people doing it. Not very Christian-like, Joe!

However, Biden hasn’t always been so free-wheeling in his support for aborting babies.

In 1974, then-Senator Biden had a wildly different approach to legal, all-access abortion.

I don’t care how that damn Americans for Democratic Action rates me. Those ADA ratings get us into so much trouble that a lot of us sit around thinking up ways to vote conservative just so we don’t come out with a liberal rating. When it comes to civil rights and civil liberties, I’m a liberal but that’s it. I’m really quite conservative on most other issues. My wife said I was the most socially conservative man she had ever known. I’m a screaming liberal when it comes to senior citizens because I really think they are getting screwed. I’m a liberal on health care because I believe it is a birth right of every human being—not just some damn privilege to be meted out to a few people. But when it comes to issues like abortion, amnesty, and acid, I’m about as liberal as your grandmother. I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body. I support a limited amnesty, and I don’t think marijuana should be legalized. Now, if you still think I’m a liberal, let me tell you that I support the draft. I’m scared to death of a professional army. I vote my own way and it is not always with the Democrats. I did vote for George McGovern, of course, but I would have voted for Mickey Mouse against Richard Nixon. I despise that man.

Really makes you think….

Author: Ann Taylor