Watch As CNN Guest Comes Unglued Over Elon Musk, Trump

It’s quite revealing when the party that once championed free speech on college campuses during the 1960s is now the side demanding more regulation and censorship of speech online.

Let’s face it: The Left is coming unglued.

They are predicting a bitter end to their stronghold on the public narrative and it’s causing a level of collective hysteria not seen since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Liberals have been riding high ever since. They successfully knee-capped Donald Trump’s entire presidency by intentionally stalling his legislative efforts using phony impeachment charges and media attacks. Despite attempts to discredit him, Trump persisted in achieving some of the greatest economic gains in United States history.

However, everything changed after the 2020 election. The Deep State infiltrated on protest at the Capitol Building that ended in complete and total disaster. Trump was blacklisted from social media, his supporters were summarily thrown into D.C. gulags, and now a hyper-partisan House Select Committee is days away from pinning Trump with insurrection charges.

Cut to today and pro-free speech billionaire Elon Musk is now the rightful owner of Twitter, the very platform Trump used to secure a stint in the White House, used today as a tool for Democrat propaganda.

The media is in a tailspin trying to assess the potential danger that Musk’s purchase of Twitter brings — including their inability to control the public narrative.

Over the weekend, CNN showed their hand and basically revealed why the left is so up in arms about Musk’s Twitter purchase.

CNN media analyst David Zurawik blamed former President Donald Trump for “opening the gates of hell,” and said that billionaire Elon Musk could not be allowed to “control discourse in this country.”

He proceeded to call for massive regulation of online speech, commensurate to previous liberal legislation, like the Radio Act of 1927 and the Communications Act of 1934.

“This is dangerous! We can’t think anymore in this country!” Zurawik continued. “I’m serious! We don’t have people in Congress who can make regulations, that can make it work. I think we can look to the Western countries in Europe for how they are trying to limit it. But you need controls on this. You need regulation. You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country, or we are headed to hell! We are there. Trump opened the gates of hell, and now they’re chasing us down!”

What an unhinged lunatic!

But Europe’s approach to censorship has inspired another top Democrat as well, none other than Hillary Clinton herself.

She cheered after the European Union passed the Digital Service Act limiting freedom of speech online. The former Secretary of State implied that similar regulations should be imposed here.

We’re in for a rude awakening if European sensibilities about free speech make their way across the pond.

Author: Monica Hedren