Leading Leftist Professor Heaps Unexpected Praise On Trump

Although he may be a leading anti-Trump voice within academia, famed MIT professor and top linguist Noam Chomsky gave the Former President some credit for his handling of foreign conflicts.

Chomsky celebrated President Donald Trump for being one of the few prominent statesmen in the West actively pushing for peace in Ukraine as opposed to escalating war with Russia.

Amid a sea of truly dangerous, war-mongering Democrats and their RINO compadres, Donald Trump remains the single remaining anti-war voice amongst current and former politicians.

Though Chomsky called the Former President a dangerous figure for a host of reasons during a recent virtual interview, he did admit that Trump has proposed practical, peaceful solutions to ending the war in Ukraine. Chomsky said:

Noam Chomsky recently drew the establishment left’s ire when he suggested that Western powers should move to deescalate the conflict and “move towards a negotiated settlement.”

“What is the best thing to do to save Ukraine from a grim fate, from further destruction? And that’s to move towards a negotiated settlement,” he told Jeremy Scahill.

 “There are some simple facts that aren’t really controversial. There are two ways for a war to end: One way is for one side or the other to be basically destroyed. And the Russians are not going to be destroyed. So that means, one way is for Ukraine to be destroyed.”

“The other way is some negotiated settlement,” he added. “If there’s a third way, no one’s ever figured it out. So what we should be doing is devoting all the things you mentioned, if properly shaped, but primarily moving towards a possible negotiated settlement that will save Ukrainians from further disaster. That should be the prime focus.”

A majority of the world now sings the praises of war and, especially amongst the liberal elite, are more bloodthirsty than ever.

There’s no stopping the insatiable appetite for war most Democrats have even if it means the loss of American (and Ukrainian) lives. They’re so ravenously anti-Putin as they believe he and Trump are somehow intrinsically linked — even though Trump gave Ukraine more foreign aid than any President before him.

At least he’s started to get some credit…

Author: Sebastian Hayworth