Utterly Shocking Video Shows Exactly Why CNN Is America’s Greatest Enemy

The world of politics and media is in a complete tailspin as of late.

America is quickly devolving into a state of Soviet tyranny perpetuated and celebrated by the mainstream media, namely CNN, which continues to publish the most horrific and outlandish propaganda this country has ever seen.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a key target for CNN propagandists. She’s strong, brave, and doesn’t waffle in her support for Donald Trump or his America First agenda. This is enough to send the CNN rats biting at her ankles any chance they get.

This incident on Thursday, however, truly takes the cake.

On Thursday, Georgia Rep. Greene and CNN anchor Jim Acosta had a war of words over an alleged text message calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “a traitor.”

[source: The Daily Caller]

Greene attended a Friday court testimony over her alleged involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot and whether she called for martial law prior to  Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Acosta confronted Greene about text messages in which she reportedly called Pelosi a “traitor” and called for former President Donald Trump to issue martial law, which she previously said she did not recall.

“You know, Jim, you have a show, and in all fairness, you try to present this image of me to your viewers and it’s just really not correct,” Greene said.

“Why don’t you be honest? You know, your problem is you’re just one of those liars on television and people hate it,” Greene said. “They can’t stand the liars on television.”

Acosta then pulled up the alleged text message on his phone. Greene then pointed to a sentence where she reportedly said she did “not know on those things.”

“Why don’t you tell that story? You’re lying,” Greene said. “You’re a liar. You know why people do not like you? Because you’re a liar.”

Acosta continued to press the Georgia representative on whether she will testify if subpoenaed by the January 6 committee, which Greene immediately refused to answer.

“Stop harassing me,” she said. “I’m not subpoenaed, stop harassing me.”

A federal judge approved an effort by the nonpartisan group, Free Speech for People, to disqualify Greene from re-election over her alleged involvement in the January 6 riot.

Greene’s lawyer, James Bopp Jr., called the ruling “fundamentally anti-democratic” and claimed Greene had condemned the riots. He also said the effort strips voters of the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

If you aren’t concerned yet, you should be now.

Author: Stephen Astor