Guess Who The White House Holds Responsible For Iran’s Nuclear Buildup

When all else fails, blame Trump!

That’s been the modus operandi of the Biden administration who, by every metric, has overseen the single-greatest geopolitical breakdown than under any administration before it.

This week marks yet another attempt by the Biden administration to blame Donald Trump for Iran’s recent proliferation of nuclear weapons. The soft-ball approach by Biden’s State Department has had a direct impact on Iran’s aggressive approach to diplomacy as of late.

It was because of Trump and his hardline way of negotiating with terrorists that kept the United States (and the world) from nuclear harm. The Iran Deal did nothing but enrich the Iranian regime as it was shown on more than one occasion their willingness to build nuclear weapons while America still honored the original deal.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the time in which Iran could build a nuclear weapon is “down to a matter of weeks.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki echoed the secretary of state’s remarks, saying, “Their breakout period is down from about a year, which is what we knew it was during the deal, to just a few weeks or less.”

The breakout period is the amount of time it will take Iran to accumulate enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon.

“If we go back, under the Iran nuclear deal, Iran’s nuclear program was tightly constrained,” she said. “Since the Trump administration ceased US participation in the deal, Iran has rapidly accelerated its nuclear program.”

“That is a direct impact of pulling out of the nuclear deal, making us less safe, giving us less visibility, and it’s one of the reasons we pursued a diplomatic path again,” Psaki said, referring to Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal in 2018.

If Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Deal made us less safe, then why is it at this very moment the Iranian regime is threatening world leaders with their nuclear power?

Could it be that Trump’s strength in dealing with known terrorists, and the economic strangulation he placed on Iranian leaders, contributed to the world’s safety?

Could it be that Biden’s incapacitation and utter weakness on the world stage are contributing to Iran’s aggressive approach to diplomacy?

Earlier this week, senior Israeli officials were cited as saying that the Biden administration is closer than ever to admitting the talks in Vienna to return to the nuclear deal with Iran have failed permanently.

Washington “is much more willing these days, than it was in the past” to announce defeat, Western diplomats and Israeli officials told the Kan public broadcaster.

Talks to revive the tattered deal in Vienna have been at an impasse for six weeks, apparently over Iran’s demand Washington remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the terror list.

According to Kan, the Iranians wanted the deal to happen, but the U.S. said “raised demands,” which Tehran refused.

“The possibility that the parties will sign an agreement in the foreseeable future is dwindling at an exponential rate,” an official told Israel Hayom.

According to an Axios report on Monday, the Biden administration “has recently started discussing a scenario” that won’t include a renewed deal.

Meanwhile, Israeli National Security Adviser Eyal Hulata met with his U.S. counterpart Jake Sullivan on Monday in Washington.

Also on Monday, Iran demanded a brand new meeting with world powers.

If only the deal can hold off for three more years until a Republican is elected!

Author: Victoria MacMurray