Biden Still Backs Kamala’s Border Efforts Despite Historic Migration

According to liberals, two plus two does not equal four.

That’s exactly Biden’s approach to a decision allowing Kamala Harris to remain as border czar despite historic levels of illegal migration across the US-Mexico border.

Let’s put it this way:

Kamala Harris has overseen the single-greatest attack on America’s southern border this country has ever seen since the Mexican-American War.

But, again, 2+2 does not equal 4, and apparently, Joe Biden has all the “confidence” in the world for Kamala’s abilities.

Actually, this approach makes sense as Democrats are by no means concerned with securing the border; they want them wide open to import an entirely new voter base.

Since Harris and Biden took office, almost 2.5 million migrants have been arrested at the southern border or about 180,000 per month. Late in the Trump administration, the figure was less than 40,000 per month.

Smells like confidence to me!

“Does the president still have confidence that the vice president can get to the bottom of the root causes of migration?” a reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki during Wednesday’s briefing.

“He absolutely does,” Psaki responded. “And he’s grateful for her work in doing exactly that.”

Migrant encounters have risen 28% since March 2021, when Harris got the assignment.

Psaki pointed to various agreements that have been reached to try to address the root causes of migration, such as a bilateral immigration agreement with Costa Rica outlining a shared commitment to managing migrant flows and a partnership with Mexico to stem what she called “irregular migration.”

Lest we forget, Kamala believes the so-called “root causes” for mass migration are economic disparity for women in third world countries…

As the pandemic wanes (for illegal immigrants), the Biden administration is set to abolish Trump’s Title 42 border policy, which allowed ICE officials to immediately deport illegal border crises due to the ongoing public health crisis.

The end of Title 42, most predict, will cause an influx of illegal migration like never before and border officials have already begun sounding the alarm.

But, as we said, this is all part of the plan for the Biden-Harris administration. If they wanted to secure the borders, they would, but they don’t, so expect to see a radical demographic shift in this country and an entirely new population of Democrat voters!

Author: Asa McCue