Tears Of A Clown: Jen Psaki Weeps For Transgender Children

Liberals have been showing their true colors as of late thanks to a series of popular Republican policies that seek to protect children from leftwing gender indoctrination.

The entire liberal establishment has come out fervently against Florida’s anti-groomer bill which prevents schoolteachers from having frank and lude discussions about sex and gender with small schoolchildren.

This of all things has caused a collective liberal meltdown as they claim the bill puts children in danger.

In danger how? The children who fall under the Florida anti-groomer bill are Kindergarteners, for Christ’s sake…

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was the latest liberal whack job to completely misrepresent the Florida bill. She broke down in tears over anti-grooming laws in an interview with podcaster Jessica Yellin on Tuesday.

“I’m going to get emotional about this issue because it’s horrible … This is an issue that makes me completely crazy,” Psaki said when asked about Republican anti-groomer laws.

The laws, like the one passed in Florida, prohibit discussions about sexual identity and gender in school classes with young children and prevent school officials from transitioning a child’s gender without the parent’s consent.

Psaki said the laws were “cruel” and did not represent the majority of Americans.

According to every poll on the issue, most Americans highly support leaving children out of frank discussions about gender ideology.

She scolded Republicans for using the laws as a “political wedge issue” in the ongoing culture war fights in the United States.

“Political wedge issue” and “culture war” are two phrases recently adopted by liberals to discuss political initiatives that fly in the face of their radical leftism.

Psaki has lined up a future job with cable news outlet MSNBC as she is expected to leave the White House as soon as May. She has refused to confirm any details of her future job.

Recently the fiery press secretary has been sitting down for podcast interviews, one of which may get her in trouble with the Department of Justice, as she disclosed her vehement bias against the “stupid son of a bitch” at Fox News, Peter Doocy.

The sooner she falls off the face of the earth, the better…

Author: Nolan Sheridan