Biden Admin OKs Close Gatherings Right Before Ritzy White House Event

Each and every American owes the Biden administration a giant THANK YOU right now. We’ve all been given permission from the almighty Science Respecters to “gather safely” with friends and family. Only now are we safe, thanks to the Biden administration, who consulted with Science for weeks before giving Americans permission to hang out.

Dr. Ashish Jha, who Biden only just appointed as White House COVID czar after the previous guy quit, appeared on Fox News over the weekend to inform Americans they no longer need to limit gatherings as a way to stop the spread of the China Virus.

He said that infection rates remain low despite the onset of the BA.2 omicron subvariant. While Jha stressed that science is changing and that people should expect guidelines to shift, he noted the country has reached a point in the pandemic where “we can gather safely.”

Is Jha’s recommendation merely a way to bypass any criticism for allowing big, crowded White House events like the upcoming Correspondents Dinner?

Everyone knows Democrats and their propaganda wing in mainstream media love to gather, celebrate, and roast Republicans during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner — COVID simply cannot come in between that!

President Donald Trump never attended.

I don’t think events like that need to be canceled,” Jha said, noting that safeguards such as testing, vaccination, and improved ventilation increase the safety of events. “Do I think it’s safe for people to gather together indoors? Absolutely, we can make those events much much safer now than what they were a year ago.”

Meanwhile, weren’t there more than 70 positive cases of COVID-19 among those who attended the Washington Gridiron Club’s annual dinner just two weeks ago?

Jha also defended the Biden administration’s decision to extend the federal travel face mask mandate by two weeks, saying, “15 more days will give us a much better sense of whether these cases are leading to severe disease,” while affirming the end of Title 42, the Trump-era public health policy that allows for the quick deportation of thousands of migrants seeking asylum.

While defending the end of Title 42, there are still kindergartners in California and other liberal areas that are forced to stay masked all day in school.

Let that sink in.

Author: Monica Hedren