Endorsement Panic: Trump Takes Sharp Turn With Controversial Candidate

Donald Trump has caught some major heat lately for endorsing candidates some conservatives don’t believe are worthy of such an influential political gift.

This line of thinking, void of foresight and reeking with the desire to lose, should be wholly disregarded as Trump and his team has successfully endorsed candidates this year that have gone on to win their respective elections.

His record speaks for itself.

But if Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania was so controversial, for example, his next one is truly bound to shock some of his sporters.

Former President Donald Trump is planning to endorse author J.D. Vance in Ohio’s crowded and contentious Republican Senate primary.

Rumors have circulated that Trump is planning to endorse Vance, citing three sources with knowledge. Vance, like all the candidates in the field, has openly courted Trump’s endorsement as a means of differentiating himself from the rest of the field.

During his campaign, Vance touted an endorsement from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a close ally of Trump who joined Vance on the campaign trail, in what was seen as a move to persuade Trump to back his candidacy.

It was reported that Trump has expressed concern about Vance, citing the Hillbilly Elegy author’s criticisms of him as a candidate in 2016. Vance is also underperforming expectations for his candidacy in recent polling, trailing rivals Josh Mandel, a former state treasurer, and businessman Mike Gibbons.

Vance’s polling presented “a major worry for Trump who doesn’t want to waste his endorsement,” the report said.

Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Ohio on April 23.

This potential endorsement brings up a common critique of Trump’s first term in office. Many were concerned that then-President Trump was too busy surrounding himself with establishment figures who had no concept of his Make America Great Again agenda and it’s consequences.

Turns out, the concerns were spot on and Donald Trump’s first year in office suffered from a legislative standpoint. Trump learned very quickly that you can’t contract out your legislative agenda to lawmakers who have no appreciation or understanding of what makes you resonate with the American public.

The Former President has developed a more strident approach to who he supports and who he wants on his team, though his recent endorsements have caused some to raise an eyebrow.

Only time will tell!

Author: Asa McCue