Mainstream Media Begins Hiding Details Of BLM Train Shooter

The questionable story causing immense concern amongst red-pilled Americans took an interesting turn on Wednesday when a black nationalist was arrested for opening fire in a New York City subway car.

We may as well prepare for media outlets to completely bury the story as they did with the other Black Lives Matter terrorist who mauled down parade-goers on Christmas.

Frank R. James, 62, was named as a suspect in the case on Tuesday night after officials determined he rented a U-Haul van that was connected to the attack, in which 10 people were shot and 29 injured in total. During the rampage, he allegedly threw smoke grenades and began firing on passengers aboard the subway train.

Officers stopped James after receiving a tip near St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan. Patrol officers from the 9th Precinct apprehended him without incident, and he will be charged for the Brooklyn shooting. He will be arraigned in federal court in Brooklyn and faces up to life in prison.

The NYPD relied on video and a flood of tips to make the arrest. They recovered a Glock 17 9mm semi-handgun from the subway, two undetonated smoke grenades, fireworks, gasoline, a hatchet, a credit card, and a key to a U-Haul van as key evidence following the rampage. Investigators traced the credit card, the gun, and the key back to James.


So the terrorist in question casually left his gun, his credit card, and the key to his U-Haul van for police officers to pick up on the scene? As a career criminal, this seems highly unlikely…

James had nine prior arrests in New York and three prior arrests in New Jersey before the shooting rampage, including criminal sex acts and burglary. He has ties to Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City. The gun used in the shooting was purchased in Ohio and traced back to him, authorities noted at the press conference.

It’s also been reported that James was cleared by the FBI, just as the last incident of black domestic terrorism was.

Really makes you think…

The motivation for the shooting is currently subject to an investigation, according to the New York Police Department?

Subject to an investigation?!

This man was transparent about his intentions to kill white people. The motivation behind this crime was racial and political — a true act of terrorism. Yet, because he doesn’t meet certain racial demographics, law enforcement must tread softly so not to anger the woke scolds on the left.

Prior to Tuesday’s shooting, James posted several conspiratorial videos on YouTube, blasting Mayor Eric Adams, suggesting a race war would soon follow the war in Ukraine, and musing about committing acts of violence.

“I’ve been through a lot of s*** where I can say I wanted to kill people. I wanted to watch people die right in front of my f***ing face,” he declared in a video days before the attack in reference to people who wronged him. In the video, he emphasized that he did not want to go to jail.

“These white motherf***ers, this is what they do,” he said in a video, according to the New York Post. “Ultimately at the end of the day, they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black a**?

What do you think is the motivation behind the shooting?

Author: Monica Hedren