Black Terrorist Leader Defends Criminal Money Laundering Scheme

Could this be the first instance of commonality between conservatives and Black Lives Matter?

Co-founder of the terrorist group Black Lives Matter claimed she felt ‘triggered’ over recent media attention her people received after news broke of their massive money-laundering scheme.

Patrisse Cullors said at a recent event that laws requiring charities to disclose their finances and activities to the public endanger the lives of black activists.

The embattled activist, who is facing renewed criticism following reports BLM Global Network Foundation, while under her control, purchased a $6 million Los Angeles mansion, said she gets triggered whenever she hears the term IRS Form 990, the document charities are required to file to the public every year disclosing their financial activities.

“I’m, like, ugh. It’s, like, triggering.”

Cullors said activists suffer trauma and that their lives are put at risk when charities under their control are required to disclose publicly what they did with their tax-deductible donations.

In other words, the founder of a known terrorist organization feels unsafe and ‘triggered’ by laws requiring transparency for non-profit organizations. Meanwhile, this is the exact reason the laws are in place — to mitigate terrorist activity using non-profit organizations.

Cullors, who left BLM without a leader after she resigned in May 2021 amid scrutiny of her personal real estate purchases, said media scrutiny of the charity is an “experiment,” that, if successful, will be used to take down other black-led activist groups.

“They know what they’re doing: how to create the infighting, how to create the distrust,” she said. “We have to stop it before they do it. We have to shut it down. We have to be showing up against it.”

The $6 million LA mansion BLM purchased in October 2020, just two weeks after the charity received a $66.5 million cash infusion from its former fiscal sponsor, was used in multiple videos on Cullors’s personal YouTube channel, raising concerns from watchdog groups that BLM used nonprofit assets for the private benefit of its leaders.

Cullors disclosed in a phone call with reporters that BLM’s mansion was used as a “safe place” for activists.

Does she mean a hotbed for terrorist activity?

If so, then we agree!

Author: Elizabeth Tierney