Putin Price Hike? This Report Claims Biden Is Lying About Inflation

The White House made a serious miscalculation when they decided to blame Vladimir Putin for current levels of historic inflation.

Democrats always manipulate data to fit their political narrative, but did they really believe the American people would be this stupid? Granted, most of them are. But it surely doesn’t take a trained economist to understand that inflation began creeping up long before the Russian President ever decided to invade Ukraine.

Yet here we are today dealing with unprecedented levels of inflation which create undue financial stress on average Americans. To make matters worse, the White House is maintaining the ridiculous lie that this is all somehow Putin’s fault and not a direct result of Biden’s corporatist economic policies.

On Tuesday, a dreaded economic report was released for March just one day before Jen Psaki coined “Putin’s Price Hike” to explain away the tragedy. The report serves as a growing source of anxiety both within the Biden administration and amongst the American public who ultimately is forced to deal with skyrocketing consumer prices.

Speaking of consumer prices, they increased 8.5% in just 12 months ending in March, a number that will definitely cause voters to think twice before choosing another Democrat for office.

The inflation rate is now higher than at any time since December 1981, when the United States was still suffering the Great Inflation that helped bring President Ronald Reagan to office, according to the data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday.

Inflation has increased greatly over the last several months, rising six-tenths of a percentage point just since February, and has eaten into Biden’s approval ratings. Consumer prices have increased progressively every month since last August, making staples like food costlier for consumers.

Energy prices have soared 32% over the past year, while food prices have surged 8.8%.

Household budgets across the country have been squeezed for the past year, culminating in the military invasion of Ukraine which undoubtedly caused prices for basic goods to skyrocket.

However, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t the driving factor behind Bidenflation no matter what the White House tells you.

The destruction of America’s energy independence, reneging on trade deals, massive red tape regulations, destruction of Trump’s tax cuts, green new deal policies, and unprecedented federal spending — all of which paint a clearer picture as to why Americans are struggling to feed their families.

To make matters more concerning, Biden has begun introducing the idea of food shortages as a result of military conflict overseas.

Thanks to the progressive liberalism of Biden’s administration, the United States has begun to resemble Communist China — a far cry from the America Donald Trump built.

Author: Vasily Ivanov