Mail No Longer Being Delivered In This Liberal Hotbed For Violent Crime

What does it say about a particular city when the United States Postal Service refuses to deliver mail due to a massive uptick in violent crime?

It says the city is more than likely controlled entirely by Democrats!

Such was the case on Monday when the USPS announced it will be canceling its mail delivery service for one block of homes in a Santa Monica, California neighborhood after multiple reports of mail carriers being threatened and attacked in the area.

Residents now need to retrieve their daily mail at a local USPS office, though packages are still being delivered, according to local reports.

“Multiple carriers have been subjected to assaults and threats of assault from an individual who has not been located or apprehended. The safety of our employees and of the mail they deliver to you is our highest concern. Until we can ensure the safety of both, delivery services will remain suspended,” reads the USPS letter sent to neighborhood residents. The USPS did not give details about any of the alleged assaults, according to local reports.

A mail carrier was allegedly attacked with a broomstick in the vicinity but uninjured in January, one police report stated.

The Santa Monica Police Department is familiar with the suspect, because of encounters they have had with him in the past, the outlet reported. It is unclear why he hasn’t been arrested.

A survey listed Santa Monica as one of the least safe cities in California.

Meanwhile, every level of government – from California state to local Santa Monica – is operated solely by progressive Democrats.

While that may be unsurprising to everyone reading this, it’s truly a tragedy of epic proportions. Your average-thinking American may stay far away from far-left states like California and New York,  but these states are still a part of our glorious nation.

It’s a tragedy what liberals have done to the beauty of American cities across the nation.

New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco: formerly beautiful cities built by American excellence only to be destroyed by progressive politicians.

Sadder than Sad!

Author: Monica Hedren