White House Officially Loses Control Of Hunter Biden Narrative

Democrats are in such a state of disarray that they’re trying to convince us that evidence doesn’t exist.

The Biden administration in particular is truly underwater as more evidence of Joe’s involvement with Hunter’s business is unearthed. In response to the reporting, Biden’s White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki has decided to take the “Look over there!” approach to deter the public from seeing the evidence.

It’s all there, on paper, and readily available for anyone to read: Joe Biden has significant involvement with Hunter Biden and his business partners. So much involvement, in fact, Joe even shared an office with his son. He also wrote a college recommendation letter for one of the overseas business partners!

These claims are proven by Hunter’s own words found on his Laptop From Hell.

However, Psaki finally felt compelled to address the allegations on Wednesday. She denied reporting that Joe Biden and Hunter were “office mates” after the conclusion of the Obama administration.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki first fielded questions about a report indicating that President Joe Biden wrote a 2017 college recommendation letter for the son of Jonathan Li, a Chinese businessman who was in business with the younger Biden.

“I’ve seen the report. I have no confirmation or comments on a report about whether or not the president, when he was a private citizen, wrote a college recommendation letter for an individual,” Psaki responded simply.

She received a follow-up question about emails Hunter reportedly sent in 2017 to his office landlord, in which he requested new keys for “new office mates Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Jim Biden.”

“It’s not accurate,” Psaki responded. “They were not office mates.”

Fox News originally reported on the “office mates” exchange in December 2020 as part of a tranche of emails that surfaced on a laptop apparently owned by Hunter Biden. Biden’s 2020 campaign dismissed stories regarding the laptop as Russian “disinformation” at the time, but the laptop’s authenticity was later verified by multiple news outlets, including the New York Times.

The White House maintains that Biden had “no knowledge” of Hunter’s business dealings before being elected.

The Red Tsunami can’t come soon enough!

Author: Robert Bogart