Clueless Hillary Clinton Thinks Americans Are Wrong About Biden

Desperately clinging on to what’s left of her political prominence, Hillary Clinton again appeared on national television to inform the American public that “Joe Biden is doing a very good job” amidst his crashing poll numbers.

“Handwringing is part of the Democratic DNA,” she said. “That seems to be in style whether we’re in or out of power. We’re in power, and there still is handwringing going on. From my perspective, President Biden is doing a very good job.”

To understand just how hilarious this is, one must first look at that second statement. Is the former first lady in good company believing that Joe Biden is doing a good job? It turns out that about 38% of registered voters agree with her. A year ago, Biden had 50% approval. Now, he has 55% disapproval. Meanwhile, recent polls have an average of 28% believing that the nation is headed in the right direction.

So, very few people agree with Hillary because very few believe that Biden is doing a good job. Even fewer believe that things are going well.

Most people, if they have even just a bit of introspection, tend to think twice if they notice that a large majority of the population rejects the Democrats’ way of thinking — especially if it’s about something as particular as a certain president’s approval rating at the moment. If you think someone is popular when he’s really, really unpopular, that could mean everybody is wrong. More likely, it is a sign that you’re just out of touch with what most people think.

Consider the two possibilities. One is that everyone — including Hispanic voters, who are especially sour right now — just hates Biden irrationally, in spite of all the fawning press he gets, thinking that he is really doing a great job and it’s just that nobody appreciates him. Despite all the journalists who cover for him the way they did when Hunter’s laptop was found, the public has this unjustifiably negative idea of him.

The other possibility is that Biden is just that lousy. Which one seems more likely?

No, Democrats are not suffering from “handwringing.” They are suffering from a loss of voter support due to their own growing extremism. They are even losing Hispanic voters, who before 2022 were loyal Democrats. That’s because the party has moved so far to the Left as to put itself outside reasonable people’s viewpoints. When they are crushed in November, it won’t be because of “handwringing.”

Author: Asa McCue