Perverted Biden Admin Voices Concern Over Children’s Genitals

The Biden administration celebrated “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Thursday by encouraging children to surgically remove body parts in order to “affirm” their gender.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The United States federal government has leaned so far into radical left progressivism that it’s willing to support, promote, and in some cases pay for, elective cosmetic surgeries for confused children insofar as the medical procedures are considered “gender affirming”.

Biden’s promotion of transgender surgeries for minors flies simultaneously with his administration’s constant encroachment into GOP states that hope to protect children from this exact version of insidious liberalism.

By manipulating transgender obsession, the Biden administration can score cheap political points with the far-left without facing any consequences for their disturbing messages to children:

Chop off your boobs! Don’t tell your parents! You are stunning! You are brave! You’re queer!

The constant barrage of radical gender ideology directed toward children is yet another mechanism by which liberal Democrats can train a new generation of shock troops to fight an eventual battle fomenting as we speak.

This is the battle of Good versus Evil.

(The side of Good doesn’t consist of a group of adults encouraging children to medically change their gender without parental guidance.)

On Thursday, the Biden administration released several documents promoting transgender sex-reassignment surgeries and hormone treatments for children, calling the measures “crucial to overall health and well-being.”

The White House published a fact sheet from the Department of Health and Human Services (where Rachel Levine works) containing so-called “resources” for children. The disturbing “resources” within the HHS fact sheet contain a chart with what the left calls “affirming care” options, which just happens to be a way to make the mutilation of children’s bodies sound medically compassionate.

The ostensible goal is to help children “align their outward physical traits with their gender identity,” but when boiled down to basics, the Biden administration is simply encouraging heinous and irreversible surgeries for minors.

The procedures listed include “top surgery — to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts,” and “bottom surgery — surgery on the genitals or reproductive organs.” The OPA also listed “facial feminization,” and “other procedures.”

Nowhere in the document does the Biden administration expand on the gruesome details of these procedures which involve chemically removing genitalia and cutting off young girls’ breasts.

Also recommended in the document are puberty blockers and hormone therapy. These methods are intrinsically directed toward children since puberty blockers must be taken before the minor goes through hormonal changes.

HHS claims “early gender-affirming care” “ allows these confused children to “focus on social transitions” and says it helps decrease “adverse mental health outcomes” like suicide.

Again, nowhere in the document does the Biden administration the massive suicide rate amongst transgender individuals who’ve detransitioned, or considered their gender switch a deadly mistake.

Joe Biden himself tweeted a video address on Thursday in support of the transgender activist agenda and adding to the left’s assault on parental rights.

Biden’s handlers decided to publish the video amidst multiple domestic crises and a looming war in Eastern Europe.

To make matters more cringe, Health and Human Services announced on Thursday that they would be the first agency to fly the blue and pink flag, also known as the “trans pride flag,” directly below the American flag.

Additionally, the Biden State Dept. announced they will allow a new gender marker on U.S. passports. Beginning on April 11, passport applications will contain an “X” gender option for trans or non-binary travelers.

The far-left has successfully infiltrated and influenced the federal government to the point where entire agencies are promoting permanent medical procedures for young children. This is child abuse on a grand scale and must be fought at all costs.

How in the world did we let it get this way?

Author: Monica Hedren