Flashback: Mainstream Media Publishes Trans Propaganda Amid European War

Don’t get it twisted: Joe Biden’s liberal government will send your children to war for this specific reason — and the mainstream media will celebrate it.

Ukraine is ostensibly under attack from Russia, world economies are in a state of disarray, gas prices have skyrocketed, and America seems to be on the brink of disaster, but this is what our “news” networks have decided to hone in on.

On Tuesday, CBS News ran a story about a lack of transgender rights in Ukraine as the country faces a barrage of missile attacks from its large, more powerful neighbor.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The story describes the plight of transgender Ukrainians as “a war within a war” that only makes matters worse as shells fly from Russian weapons systems into civilian population centers across the country. It profiles 31-year-old transgender woman Zi Faámelu, who says they can’t flee due to the threat of transphobic violence in Kyiv and surrounding countries.

Faámelu said that people outside with guns may use the war as a pretext for transphobic attacks, and those border guards may not let them leave the country because their passport identifies them as male. “This is not a very rainbow-friendly place… Lives for trans people are very bleak here. If you have a male gender in your passport, they will not let you go abroad. They will not let you through.”

Faámelu did not get their passport updated after legislation was passed in 2017 loosening requirements for changing gender on government documentation. The law requires that the patient goes through psychiatric examinations before the documents can be updated.

So, in other words, the “transphobic” laws which required your birth gender to appear on official documents were abolished. This individual simply didn’t want to go through proper steps to change his documentation and now western trans-obsessed liberal networks are using his story to publish left-wing propaganda.

How so very typical.

Users on social media were quick to argue that there are perhaps bigger issues in Ukraine that CBS should be devoting resources to covering.


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has killed an unknown number of civilians in nearly a week, as major cities including Kyiv and Kharkiv have been subjected to nearly-constant Russian attacks.

Both sides have faced significant casualties and the Russian currency has tanked under pressure from international sanctions. Liberal globalist Europeans continue to make a villain out of Putin, almost to the entire world’s detriment.

Author: Nolan Sheridan