U.S. Taxpayers Dealt Another Blow By Biden Amid Ongoing Ukraine War

In regards to funding the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, how much is too much? Why are U.S. taxpayers being forced to pay for weapons of war for a country rife with corruption? Is Biden’s willingness to waste billions upon billions of dollars merely a way to keep his crimes and the crimes of his family covered up for good?

No one will ever know the answers to these questions.

However, one thing remains crystal clear to all of us paying attention: Every dollar spent on the war in Ukraine is one dollar that isn’t being used to improve the United States.

As we remain beholden to foreign oil, foreign imports, and foreign labor, the United States isn’t really in any position to be the money bag for European military conflicts. We are a country struggling to get by, pay our bills, and ensure safety for citizens living here.

We can’t even protect our own border, but that $14+ billion the Biden administration is sending to Ukraine could surely help.

Amid the ongoing military conflict, the U.S. State Department just announced they will be giving another  $100 million to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. This comes after Congress just approved $14 billion in aid for Ukraine.

The additional funding will provide civilian security assistance to the country and help “enhance the capacity of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide essential border security, sustain civil law enforcement functions, and safeguard critical governmental infrastructure,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a press statement Saturday.

Since Joe Biden took office, his administration has given $2 billion in aid to Ukraine to combat Putin’s war, which included weapons and other tactical equipment.

While the Biden administration continues to lose support within his own country, the U.S. continues to support both Ukraine and any nation “backing the people and government of Ukraine.”

“We continue to urge Putin to end the violence, rein in his forces, including those who have committed war crimes, and choose the path of peace and diplomacy,” Blinken wrote in his statement. “We are committed to pursuing accountability for war crimes and other atrocities using every tool available, including criminal prosecutions.”

What exactly does Ukraine plan on using the money for? Who’s pockets are being lined with dollars stolen from U.S. taxpayers?

These are the burning questions that must be answered NOW.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth