Trump Files Lawsuit That Brings Entire Democrat Party To Its Knees

It was only a matter of time before Donald Trump dropped the hammer on Hillary Clinton and the cabal of elitist Democrats who helped devise a phony scheme to keep him from the White House.

On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed by Donald Trump against his former presidential rival and members of the Democratic National Committee for inventing the so-called Russiagate controversy, alleging they conspired to create a “false narrative” tying his 2016 campaign to Russia.

The former president alleges in the lawsuit that Hilldog and other DNC operatives “orchestrated” a false flag operation to give appearances he was colluding with a hostile foreign government all in an attempt to “vilify him,” according to court records. Trump is seeking $72 million in damages — and frankly, that number seems low. The case will be held with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.


“They worked together with a single, self-serving purpose: to vilify Donald J. Trump. Indeed, their far-reaching conspiracy was designed to cripple Trump’s bid for the presidency by fabricating a scandal that would be used to trigger a baseless federal investigation and ignite a media frenzy,” the complaint says.

Including Hillary there are 28 individuals and corporations included in Trump’s lawsuit. Among the most notable are Jake Sullivan, a Clinton campaign adviser who is now Joe Biden’s national security adviser; former FBI Director James Comey; and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The lawsuit is a whopping 100+page epic that includes all the highlights from Donald Trump’s first term, including the Russia Collusion Hoax investigated by Robert Mueller.

Trump argues that opposition research, data analytics, and other political tactics were used to turn the public against him. Not to mention Operation Hurricane, or the Deep State plot headed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“The actions taken in furtherance of their scheme — falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement and exploiting access to highly-sensitive data sources — are so outrageous, subversive and incendiary that even the events of Watergate pale in comparison,” the complaint reads.

Trump’s lawsuit comes as special counsel John Durham continues his criminal inquiry into the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax, which debilitated Donald Trump’s presidency and stifled his ability to perform the duties of his office at full capacity. The investigation is moving along slowly but has already uncovered damning evidence about Hillary and Barack’s deep ties to foreign spies who they solicited to spy on the Former President.

Trump claims that he has lost no less than $24 million in damages in past and present business due to the actions of Clinton and others.

Again, that number seems incredibly low given the heinous crimes committed against him.

Let’s hope Trump gets a sympathetic judge who’s willing to treat this care fairly and honestly. With the unprecedented level of left-wing activism pervasive in our current justice system, it seems to be a 50/50 chance of that happening.

Author: Asa McCue