Putin Evades U.S. Sanctions — Biden Scrambles For An Explanation

The latest proof that we are in fact living in a clown world came smacking us in the face on Thursday when Joe Biden appeared at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Our cognitively deficient president sought to represent the entire free world during this emergency meeting with NATO partners but, yet again, he come off lost, confused, and bewildered instead.

Biden actually addressed reporters on Thursday where he gave some insight into the efficacy of personal and economic sanctions against President Vladimir Putin and Russia.

A reporter asked Biden about his expectations after the sanctions levied on Russia’s economy seemed to have little or no effect on Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, even though the sanctions were ordered after the initial invasion.

Biden then launched into a wild diatribe about sanctions against Russia and how they were never meant “to deter.”

“Let’s get something straight. You remember if you covered me from the very beginning. I did not say that, in fact, the sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter,” Biden said Thursday.


Okay, then what are sanctions for exactly?

If his argument is that economic sanctions will slowly but surely cut off Putin’s ability to fund a lengthy military battle with NATO then he surely had an interesting way of relaying it. Essentially what Biden is doing is trying to save his own ass. The decision was already made by Putin, sanctions or not, so any use of sanctions on Biden’s part was merely a way to save face with media, the American people, and his globalist allies. By saying sanctions were never meant to deter Putin, the cognitively deficient president can eliminate any burden of proof about the efficacy of his foreign policy decisions.

Meanwhile, his entire administration has claimed the exact opposite vis-a-vis sanctions and how they’re used as a deterrent.

Vice President Kamala Harris said at the Munich Security Conference in Germany just last month that she believed the sanctions levied against Putin by the U.S and our European allies would in fact deter Putin from invading Ukraine.

Daleep Singh, deputy national security adviser for international economics claimed sanctions against Russia were used as a deterrent.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby also said of sanctions that “we want them to have a deterrent effect” during an appearance on Fox News on Feb. 21.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also pointed to the deterrence that the threat of sanctions could bring.

Don’t take our word for it…



Can’t wait to see how Jen Psaki explains away this one…

Author: Monica Hedren