Latest Poll Numbers Pinpoint America’s True Feelings About Decrepit Joe Biden

Nothing brings a country together more than war. That’s what Joe Biden hoped for anyway…

Unfortunately for him, the American people are still wildly disapproving of Biden’s job performance even as the entire world unites around a collective repudiation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The cognitively deficient president has struggled to resonate with the American public for a while now, and it appears to only be getting worse. Morale is at an all time low here in the United States; it’s tangible and debilitating in some cases, especially as we plunge further into economic distress.

The maddening part is, Biden and his liberal followers will tell you with a straight face that our economy is great and any instance of price hikes for gas or food is a direct reflection of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Yeah, clown world…

However, the Biden administration simply cannot argue with these numbers.

A gold-standard pollster heralded by Democrats for her accuracy has just pulled the rug out from under the White House with the worst findings yet for Joe Biden.

Ann Selzer, who conducts the famous Iowa Poll, working with Iowa’s Grinnell College, has found nationally that Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 34% and that most respondents believe the economy is also heading south.


“The latest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll (Grinnell-Selzer) shows that nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe the economy will get worse in the next 12 months — the highest number recorded in the history of the poll. And the pessimism about the future of the economy may be weighing down President Joe Biden’s approval ratings across the board,” said the poll analysis.

Overall, Biden’s approval rating is 34%, with 52% disapproving and 14% who don’t know.

“It’s interesting to me that the ‘not sure’ factor is as high as it is,” said Selzer of Selzer & Company. “It seems unlikely that Joe Biden isn’t well known enough to make a judgment. I believe this is a reflection of the high level of uncertainty everywhere – the war in Ukraine, inflation, COVID-19 and more,” she added.

Some in Washington today took note of her latest poll because of her accuracy in the past and presumably because it also recorded among the lowest approval ratings yet for the stumbling president.


Selzer has been called “the best pollster in politics” by influential polling media site FiveThirtyEight.

Biden’s team is currently scrambling to conceal these numbers from the American public.

Author: Ann Sheridan