Trump Yanks Endorsement From GOP Senate Hopeful — Here’s Why

The Republican Party has officially split between two schools of thought: one that states the 2020 presidential election was rigged and illegitimate and the other seeks to move on and allow Democrats to continue cheating.

If Republican candidates were smart they’d align with Trump on this issue, especially those candidates from deeply red states, such as Mo Brooks in Alabama.

Rep. Mo Brooks has fallen from Trump’s good graces after the Alabama Republican reversed course from his previous condemnations of the 2020 presidential election. Brooks is vying for a U.S. Senate seat and has quickly fallen behind in the polls due to his Trump repudiation.

On Wednesday, Trump released a statement detailing his unhappiness with Brooks’ rhetoric regarding the 2020 presidential election. The statement comes after Trump relayed his “disappointment” in Brooks during an interview with the Washington Examiner.


Trump is left with two candidates in the Alabama Senate race for which he can endorse. Britt, former chief of staff to retiring Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, and Durant, a businessman and military combat veteran.

Durant met with Trump Monday at Mar-a-Lago according to sources close to the candidate’s campaign.

Despite his freefall in the polls, Brooks is doubling down on his Trump repudiation. He completely threw the Former President, his most important political ally, under the bus on Twitter.


Brooks previously backed up Trump’s widely supported claim that the 2020 election was rigged but has since urged voters to focus on the future and look ahead to this year’s midterm elections. Little does Brooks know, this is a major issue for most GOP voters. A conservative candidate refusing to acknowledge election fraud is similar to a conservative candidate refusing to acknowledge the illegal immigration crisis — it simply wouldn’t fly with voters.

However, Brooks and Trump are on the same side of a separate battle.

Both have targeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel as represented antiquated Republican views. In other words, McConnell is a RINO who must be stripped of his leadership role if the Republicans wish to make any headway in the coming years.

Currently McConnell is paving the way for Joe Biden’s radical-left SCOTUS nominee.

Enough said.

Author: Monica Hedren