Biden Admin Beats War Drum — China On High Alert

If the military conflict in Ukraine wasn’t enough, it now appears the U.S and its allies will engage in war-like activities with China with the intention of enforcing economic and personal sanctions against Russia and Putin respectively.

President Joe Biden and other leaders of the G-7 nations will roll out a new initiative Thursday to ensure “enforcement” of the West’s sanctions against Russia and prevent China and other countries from helping the Kremlin work around the financial penalties.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan briefly previewed the announcement while meeting with reporters flying with Biden to Brussels on Wednesday.

“The G-7 leaders tomorrow will agree on an initiative to coordinate on sanctions enforcement so that Russian efforts to evade the sanctions or other countries’ efforts to help Russia evade the sanctions can be dealt with effectively and in a coordinated fashion,” Sullivan said.

He noted that the initiative is “not specifically about China, but it will apply to every significant economy and the decisions that any of those economies take to try in an intentional and active way to undermine or weaken the sanctions that we put in place.”

Biden spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday and outlined specific actions the United States would take if China sought to provide Russia military support in its war in Ukraine.

“We’ve sent a clear message to China about the implications and consequences of any such provision of military equipment,” Sullivan said Wednesday.

As it turns out, the consequences Sullivan is describing is full-blown war.

Biden will also announce another tranche of sanctions during his trip to Belgium, and this latest round of financial penalties is expected to target “hundreds” of Russian lawmakers.


War in the earlier 20th-century sense is a long-gone notion and certainly not how a battle will be fought in this day and age.

Instead of engaging in a world war-style military battle with boots on the ground, innocent civilians in the U.S, Russia, Ukraine, and China will be forced to undergo harrowing financial tragedies as a result of sanctions and other Cold War-like tactics.

Our fathers, sons, and brothers won’t necessarily be fighting on the front lines but an even more devastating reality will occur, leaving more people vulnerable.

If Biden doesn’t establish better diplomatic channels, the western world will engage in the single greatest economic war the world has ever seen — and who do you think that really affects?

Author: Monica Hedren