Joe Biden Uses Putin To Distract From His Own Crimes

Joe Biden painted a grim picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions in Ukraine in a speech to the Business Roundtable’s CEO meeting Monday night, accusing the Kremlin of deploying fearsome weapons in its so-called unprovoked invasion.

Biden warned that Putin’s back was up against the wall, leading the Russian strongman to contemplate desperate measures, such as new false flag attacks and the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

What a convenient distraction for Joe Biden who seeks to create crimes of his own both at home and abroad.

This fear mongering comes after last week when Biden and his administration officials blamed Putin for the harrowing results of Bidenflation.

The idea that Vladimir Putin is somehow responsible for record-high inflation in America — a trend which began the very minute Joe Biden assumed office and gutted the entire oil and gas industry — is quite possibly the most asinine political maneuver the Biden administration has pulled thus far.

Manipulating the conflict in Ukraine, Biden is seeking to burry Thursday’s Consumer Price Index report, which highlights the deficiencies in our economy thanks to his massive regulations and ‘green’ energy policies.

In a lengthy statement undoubtedly written by someone from his team (not Biden himself), Sleepy Joe blamed “Putin’s price hike” for record-high inflation after a report surfaced detailing just how bad the current economy really is.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) soared to another four-decade high in February, with food and energy prices growing exponentially, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Biden described the latest economic data as “the tale of two recoveries,” touting unemployment claims while putting the blame squarely on Russian President Vladimir Putin for inflation.

Energy prices reportedly increased 25.6% and food prices grew 7.9% on a year-over-year basis, according to the BLS.


The White House communications team has worked overtime to push the “Putin’s price hike” narrative after Biden announced a ban on energy imports from Russia. Like proper marketers, Psaki and her squad understand that branding resonates with the general public. The “Putin’s price hikes” is currently undergoing a serious brand roll-out on a national scale.

Meanwhile, prices at the pump have steadily inclined since day one of Biden’s presidency after he gutted the construction of Keystone XL and signed a bevy of executive regulatory orders on the oil and gas industry.

In an attempt to bring down fuel prices, Biden flooded the market with gas from our strategic reserves — a point he highlights in his Thursday statement. The injection of gas did little to correct the supply chain disruptions, however, as fuel prices remain on the rise.

Biden has been a grab bag of mixed messages since the crisis took hold. Earlier this week the cognitively deficient president told reporters that he “can’t do much right now” about fuel prices.


Even former members of the Obama administration have begun calling out Biden’s obfuscations. Obama’s “car czar,” Steven Rattner, claimed that Biden needed to “own” the inflation and quit blaming Putin.


Trump is predicting $200 per barrel of oil before the end of Biden’s presidency.

Author: Monica Hedren