Trump Given Zero Credit For Enriching NATOs Fighting Power

It’s quite surreal how (just about) everything Trump said during his first term is now coming true, only after Russia invaded Ukraine, and only after Biden placed the U.S. on a death spiral.

In other words, it takes another potential world war and complete American decline for liberal leaders to consider Trump’s demands, even though they would have prevented such catastrophes in the first place.

Remember when President Trump demanded our NATO allies pay their fair share in defense spending? If memory serves us right, it was Germany who caught the majority of Trump’s ire — a country who relies on U.S. defense spending but up until now refused to chip in.

Only after Russia invaded Ukraine basically sabotaging the Nord Stream 2 pipeline did Germany lift its ban on selling weapons to Ukraine and has finally commit to meeting its NATO defense spending requirements.

President Donald Trump has been vindicated yet again.

After years of delinquency to meet its NATO obligations, Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, has finally committed to spending at least 2% of its GDP on defense spending.

Germany has consistently been on Trump’s radar for their failure to meet defense spending commitments. The U.S. exceeds its commitment and contributes billions of dollars to protect NATO allies from outside forces.

Trump also expressed frustration at Germany their failure to meet its NATO obligations while simultaneously shipping billions to Russia in exchange for natural gas.

In July of 2018, President Trump said called the German deal with Russia “inappropriate” and “sad.”


Not until a potential World War and years of criticism did the German government finally decided to block the opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline last week.

On top of Germany failing to meet its defense requirements, they also reversed a long-standing prohibition on sending or selling weapons to conflict zones. Chancellor Scholz said that Germany would be shipping 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 surface-to-air missiles in the coming days.

So while Trump is maligned as a Pro-Putin puppet, European liberals, in conjunction with D.C. liberals, are the ones actually supplying the Russian regime with funds they need to stave off economic ruin due to sanctions and other measures from the west.

Go Figure!

Author: Robert Bogart