Details Emerge Of Biden’s New Iran Deal — Russia Tells All

Not until recently did the American public begin hearing rumblings of a new Iran Deal after world leaders began leaking information about U.S. involvement in the negotiations.

Not one single report has emerged from the tight-lipped establishment “news” outlets, all of whom work overtime to protect Joe Biden’s image.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just blew the cover on Biden’s role in the negotiations for a new Iran Deal. If this doesn’t call for impeachment then what does?

On Wednesday, Lavrov claimed the U.S. gave Russia assurances they would not interfere with trade with Iran under the new version of Obama’s nuclear deal. This was undermined by Biden’s use of economic sanctions against Russia.

Furthermore, Lavrov admitted that the Biden administration agreed to lift sanctions on members of the Iran regime known for anti-American terrorist threats and other disturbing behavior.

The negotiations for Biden’s new Iran Deal apparently resumed the minute Sleepy Joe took office — much to the surprise of the average U.S. citizen, who’s been left in the dark. Lavrov said the deal was nearing unanimous agreement as recently as last week when Russia insisted that its trade with Iran be protected from U.S. sanctions that have been applied since Russian forces invaded Ukraine last month.

It’s now been reported that the U.S. complied with Russian demands.

The U.S. involvement and our reported concessions to Iran terrorists comes as no surprise given the weak stance Biden has taken thus far.  In January, for example, three U.S. negotiators quit during the middle of negotiations in protest of Rob Malley’s deep appeasements to the Iranian regime.   Malley was kicked out of Obama’s “ISIS Czar” role after news broke of him meeting with Hamas, a radical Islamic terrorist group based in Palestine.

Leaked details from Biden’s new Iran deal are a far cry from the deal President Donald Trump withdrew from in 2018 — it’s far, far worse.

Here’s what it reportedly includes:

  • access to $90 billion in foreign currency
  • $7 billion in effective ransom for U.S. captives
  • sanctions relief for the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps and other notorious terrorists

Israel opposes the deal as an existential threat to its security, as do many Sunni Arab states.

This move comes after Trump brokered historic peace deals between Israel and Sunni Arab nations, now called the Abraham Accords, which earned him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates reportedly refused to take calls from President Joe Biden earlier this month, partly to protest the Iran talks.

Joe Biden is ripping this country apart bit by bit in an effort to return to the Obama years.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth