George Soros Sends Shock Troops Into Russia — This Won’t End Well

The conflict in Ukraine and how it’s being manipulated by the world’s shadiest actors should tell you everything you need to know about the deadly invasion and the political purposes it’s being used for now.

If you’re paying attention you’ll see how suddenly the coronavirus pandemic has become (magically) a tragedy of the past, only to be forgotten to make room for a new tragedy and a new set of propaganda. Liberals everywhere (including in corporate America) are abandoning the masks and rhetoric about vaccine passports to latch onto a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Support for Ukraine has become the new vaccine passport as it’s now impossible to hold any nuance thinking about the conflict. Support Ukraine or you’re shunned — that’s the method to which total control can be harnessed by the left.

This is all being done on a global scale to move world economies away from oil and gas toward a more communal, “green” one world economy in which we’re all controlled by a few dominant corporations.

George Soros’ Open Society is one of the entities seeking to dominate on a global scale.

He’s currently sending his shock troops into Russia to protest what some call “Kremlin propaganda.”

A live news broadcast on Russian state television was interrupted for several seconds Monday as a woman appeared behind the anchor holding an anti-war sign.

The woman, who has been identified as Channel One editor Marina Ovsyannikova, disrupted a newscast on her own channel by holding a sign that read, “Stop the war. Don’t believe propaganda. They’re lying to you,” the latest demonstration of Russians protesting President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.


In a video message that appears to have been recorded before the viral protest, Ovsyannikova says her father is Ukrainian and encourages others to protest the war.


Ovsyannikova has been detained on administrative charges, according to Russian state news agency TASS. According to authorities, Ovsyannikova will face misdemeanor charges for violating Russia’s new ban, signed into law by Putin last week, on “disinformation” about the Russian military amid its operations in Ukraine. The crime is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

However, one deep dive into Ovsyannikova’s background and you’ll why her thinking seems to align with the globalist liberal types.

The disgruntled Russian journalist studied at Kuban State University in Russia — and guess who’s dirty claws (and money) are sunk into Kuban State?

George Soros.

From the Kuban State University Wikipedia page:

The Internet Center was opened in KubSU with the support of the “Open Society” Institute (Soros Foundation). It has become the center of the regional information network with high-speed connection combining educational, scientific and cultural resources of the Krasnodar region (KUBANnet).

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth