Joe Biden’s Diversity Hire Embarrasses U.S. On International Stage

Many right-wing Americans criticized Kamala by referring to her as a diversity hire and an affirmative action princess without any ability or merit of her own. Not only were we correct, but the evidence is apparent each and every time she opens her mouth in a foreign country.

Kamala and Joe are perfect for each other: both are absent-minded charlatans with years of political experience and absolutely nothing to show for it. They mumble, bumble and fumble their way through every job they somehow land — and truly nothing has changed.

America’s affirmative action princess doesn’t know her up from her down, her north from her south, or her east from her west. She demonstrated her general inabilities during a state visit to Poland, the current hotbed of Ukrainian refugees fleeing from Putin’s military invasion.

During a Thursday joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, Kamala appeared to be completely detached from reality. She giggled, joked, and during times of seriousness she completely malfunctioned.

She struggled to come up with a sentence that made any sentence as the press conference kicked off on Thursday.

“I am here, standing here, on the Northern flank—on the Eastern flank talking about what we have in terms of the Eastern flank and our NATO allies and what is at stake at this very moment,” Harris said.



Eastern…Northern Flank..Standing Here I am…Standing..Near the flank….


Kamala is then asked by a reporter how the U.S. plans to handle the influx of refugees from Ukraine and if there were any plans by the Biden administration to set up any permanent infrastructure in America to house the millions escaping military invasion.

Her response is nothing but infuriating as she utilized her signature giggle before gesturing to Duda, joke at the ready, before saying: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” 



She calmed down, telling the reporter the United States has every intention of extending visas for Ukrainians currently in the country.

Fox News reporter Trey Yingst, reporting on the ground in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, criticized Harris on Thursday for being “detached from reality” during the press conference as Ukrainians are in need of anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft weapons.

What a fall from grace the United States is currently experiencing at the exact moment when strength and decisiveness – not laughter and jokes – are required to reestablish peace and prosperity in America and abroad.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth