Psaki Desperate To Conceal Real Reason Why Biden Destroyed Energy Independence

You have to admit: Watching Jen Psaki struggle to answer basic questions in an attempt to conceal or retract from her boss’ previous attacks on America’s energy independence is quite entertaining.

Not only did the White House mouthpiece refuse to accept any culpability for skyrocketing gas prices, but she insisted the oil companies aren’t doing their part by refusing to fulfil over 9,000 oil leases.

However, the hot topic of the Keystone XL Pipeline remains a sore subject for the Biden administration who is now paying for the decision to scrap the construction project on day one of his presidency.

Psaki and administration officials insist that restarting construction Keystone would make zero difference in the oil supply crisis. Well, if the pipeline wouldn’t make a difference then why cancel its construction? Obviously Biden thought Keystone was a key factor in transforming the economy away from fossil fuels and toward ‘green’ energy or he wouldn’t have stopped construction.

Seems obvious…

However, Peter Doocy of Fox News completely ravaged Pelosi, taking her to task for what appears to be a heaping pile of hypocrisy coming from the Biden administration.

On Wednesday, Doocy repeatedly asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to give a straight answer as to whether Joe Biden would ever consider restarting construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline — and she repeatedly gave him the runaround.

Of course she couldn’t even though Biden previously stated “all options are on the table” regarding the fallout from Russia’s invasion into Ukraine and the subsequent policy decisions made as a result.


It was quite ugly watching Psaki utilize her media training to avoid Doocy’s line of questioning, especially since most Americans would agree the situation at the gas pump is totally out of hand.

Using her famous rhetorical tools, Psaki turned Doocy’s line of questioning against him and, instead of responding with yes or no, asked the Fox News correspondent a question of his own.

Still, Psaki doubled down noting that the Biden administration has no plans on restarting construction on Keystone XL simply because it wouldn’t address any supply issues the United States is currently facing.

What she means is Keystone wouldn’t address any of the issues we have today, but it could fix the problem in a month from now when gas prices reach their peak with no signs of decreasing. From a political standpoint you would expect the Biden administration to pounce on an opportunity to fix a national problem like skyrocketing gas prices, especially since most Americans attribute the problem with Biden’s policies.

Restarting Keystone would immediately absolve Biden from the problem, at least from a political standpoint…

Doocy also pressed Psaki on the Biden administration’s attempts to spin rising gas prices — which have been climbing steadily for nearly a year — as entirely the fault of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Two words: Clown World.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth