Big Tech Giant Inches U.S. Even Closer To Communist Dictatorship

At some point we must begin asking ourselves what are the real differences between the United States and Communist China?

Especially in the past year since Joe Biden assumed office, the United States has gone under a radical transformation to censor, block, and destroy any voice that dares challenge the state narrative — whatever it may be at the time.

The use of words like “misinformation” and “disinformation” have gone up in frequency to begin training the population’s collective mind into thinking something is inherently wrong with challenging governments and left-wing corporate leaders.

This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s the exact method companies like Facebook are using to control the public narrative.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced a new tool Wednesday that automatically deletes posts containing misinformation before they are published.

“Incoming posts that contain content rated by third-party fact-checkers as false are declined before they are seen in the group, which helps reduce the visibility of misinformation,” Facebook Vice President of Communities Maria Angelidou-Smith wrote.

That’s exactly right: they don’t even want opposite viewpoints visible to users of their product.

The suspension ability is an upgrade from Facebook’s mute function, which just permanently prevented users from commenting on a page. Now, pages can temporarily suspend users for a set period of time.

. “These new tools will help admins prevent the spread of misinformation and manage interactions in their group.”

Other updates include the ability to suspend page members and automatically decline member requests from users via the Admin Assist page.

The announcement came after Meta reported that Russian authorities ordered the platform to stop independently fact-checking posts from its state-sponsored organizations.

In addition, Facebook took down two anti-Ukrainian disinformation operations last week that were tied to a Russian propaganda outlet created to make Ukraine look like a failed state.

Meanwhile, more than 3 million people have joined Ukrainian support groups created to express solidarity since Feb. 24, according to the platform. An additional 10 million used the Ukrainian flag profile frame. Users on both Facebook and Instagram have reportedly raised over $30 million in aid for Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Meta gave an update to its efforts in Ukraine since the invasion began. It announced access to Ukraine’s State Emergency Services information and World Health Organization helplines via WhatsApp, free add space for the World Health Organization and the International Medical Corps, and an emotional health page written in Ukrainian and Russian.

In contrast, groups dedicated to fundraising for Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ we’re destroyed almost immediately and all funds dedicated to anti-vaccine mandate protests we’re refunded.

Really makes you think…

Author: Sebastian Hayworth