Historic Refugee Crisis Underway As Liberals Call For World War III

With the help of Biden’s energy policies, Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a widescale military conflict into the neighboring Ukraine. As a result, Ukrainian citizens have become displaced and and a major refugee crisis is underway — not to mention the innocent Russian citizens who struggle under economic sanctions.

More than 1.5 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia’s invasion, creating the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

While most refugees have fled to neighboring Poland, other nations have received a major influx of Ukrainians in recent days.

Neighboring Moldova reported on Sunday that more than 230,000 Ukrainians have fled into the nation since February 24.

In addition, a growing number of Ukrainian have fled farther west, with many reaching Germany. German Federal Police have registered 37,786 refugees as of Sunday, an interior ministry spokesperson told CNN.

The European Union has stepped in with a reported $547 million in humanitarian funds to help cover the costs of Ukrainian refugees living in EU nations.



Does anyone else get the sense globalist are rooting on this refugee crisis as a way to propagate their open borders, one world government end goal?

In addition to those who have fled Ukraine, many others have been trapped within the nation as Russian forces continue attacks. One proposed ceasefire to allow Ukrainians to escape was stopped after shelling continued by Russian forces.

Trains have served as a major transportation method for many leaving Ukraine. However, in some areas train tracks have been destroyed during the invasion, leaving buses as the only way out.



According to Isobel Koshiw, a journalist in Ukraine, “Ukrainian authorities have sent a dozen buses to take the evacuees further. Shelling is quite frequent on the side. Some evacuees say they saw Russian tanks, other say they were just bombed constantly – hard to verify.”



On Saturday, Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dymtro Kuleba uploaded a video to Twitter to urge NATO nations to act now, claiming Russia’s shelling is seeking to “turn Ukraine into Syria.”



The European Union, NATO, the United States et al are chomping at the bit to perpetuate this military crisis as it serves every one of their globalist interests, especially in the creation of multi-national governments, global passport systems, open borders, and the removal of nation-states.

The writing on the wall was done with perfect penmanship.

Author: Rita Taylor