Pentagon Reverses Mask Decision While Children Remained Muzzled

Even though the “science” has largely remained unchanged, liberals everywhere across the nation have decided to drop mask mandates just in time for the November midterms.

The decision is not surprising or a shock of any kind. If anything, it’s an infuriating reminder that the past two years of constant mask wearing has been a complete joke played on all of us by the Democrat elite.

While most red states have already lifted all mask mandates, deep blue states have followed suit while still keeping in place a mask requirement for school children.

Where’s the science behind that?

In the latest development of this ongoing drama around masks, the Pentagon has decided to follow suit and drop their mandate as well.

“Effective immediately, per the new CDC guidelines, and CDC rating COVID-19 community levels for Arlington County and City of Alexandria as ‘low,’ masks are no longer required indoors at the Pentagon,” a Pentagon spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.

“Individuals may wear a mask if they choose regardless of COVID-19 community level.”

Arlington County has a total of 40,215 cases of COVID-19, at the time of this report.

Meanwhile, over 6 million people are fully vaccinated in Virginia, with Alexandria and Arlington boasting a vaccination rate of anywhere between 87% and 92% based on age group.

“Also effective immediately, the Pentagon has changed to Health Protection Condition Bravo,” the spokesperson said.

“The main changes going from HPCON Charlie to HPCON Bravo are that occupancy is now up to less than 50%, versus 25%, gathering size has increased, and there’ll be more options for seating in the food court.”

The Pentagon employs about 20,000 military and civilian employees.

Arlington county and the surrounding area where the Pentagon is located still requires school children to mask up. This should be considered a crime, mass child abuse sanctioned by the federal government.

This proves brainwashing works.

Don’t believe me?

Walk around any liberal metropolis and you’ll see for yourself: children as young as four or five years-old donning masks while their parents walk besides them, happy, knowing they’re “following the science.”


Author: Robert Bogart