Liberals Ramp Up Race War To Counter Putin’s Ukraine War

Sometimes liberals on television say things so insane it’s hard to reconcile that this type of person actually exists in America today.

You learn not to expect much, but this level of mental gymnastics truly takes the cake — even for these vile individuals, who constantly push for a race war in the United States.

[source: The Daily Caller]

As Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated an invasion of Ukraine early Thursday and reports of attacks emerged, prominent American liberals found a way to make the situation about race.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested that Republicans were openly supportive of Putin’s invasion Wednesday on “The Reidout.”

“I have come to expect very little from the Republican party, to be blunt,” Reid said.

“I understand that they prefer autocracy. They want a White nationalist autocracy in the United States. They believe that white Christians are beleaguered and need to rule the United States without elections. Got it. But this is really, at this point, open.”

“This is saying we should either side with Russia or let them run over Europe. That is new. I feel like that is something Trump brought to the table,” Reid said.

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, meanwhile, said Republicans love Putin because he is white in a Thursday morning tweet.

Should Cenk revisit his thoughts on the Armenian Genocide??

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali said Republicans would side with Russia if they take power in 2024 in a Wednesday tweet.

“Imagine when/if Republicans get power in 2024 – the massive global realignment. The US President actively helping Russia, Hungary, Poland, and other countries with far-right governments to promote violence, authoritarianism, and white Christian nationalism. Disaster,” Ali wrote.

Ali’s tweet was a response to Daily Beast contributor David Rothkopf’s claim that Republican leaders were siding with Russia.

“I’m lying awake here tonight because I honestly can’t fathom how we have gotten to the point that the leader of the GOP, the last SecState, some of the party’s most vocal members & a major US TV network all are actively taking Russia’s side in a conflict with America & the West,” Rothkopf posted.

Yes, this is the clown world we’re all forced to inhabit…

And they will never stop.

Author: Nolan Sheridan