Make It Make Sense: Biden Wants Billions More COVID Dollars

In what universe could we possibly be living in when the cognitively deficient president is demanding Congress approve of even more money for the coronavirus pandemic despite public health officials signaling its end.

Is it because they plan on perpetuating the pandemic indefinitely? Or do they plan on ushering in an entirely new pandemic which these additional funds can be allocated toward?

At Wednesday’s White House COVID task force briefing, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters that the CDC is currently reviewing its mask guidance and hinted that an update might soon be announced.

[source: The Washington Examiner]

Walensky specifically said the review was a product of wanting “to give people a break from things like mask-wearing when metrics are better” and comes after a number of Democratic governors and mayors have recently dropped state masking mandates.

White House senior COVID-19 adviser Jeff Zients said at that same briefing that the administration had delivered 50 million of its free, at-home testing kits, 200 million individual tests in total, since launching its elective program earlier this year. Zients added that the U.S. is moving toward treating COVID-19 as a manageable illness rather than a crisis.

However, the Department of Health and Human Services recently briefed Capitol Hill lawmakers on the state of the pandemic and asked for another round of funding worth $30 billion, which would include $17.9 billion for vaccines and other therapeutics, $4.9 billion for testing, $3 billion to extend COVID care to people without insurance, and $3.7 billion for future pandemic preparedness. If granted, the sum would bring the total amount allocated by Congress for fighting the COVID pandemic to nearly $6 trillion.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed by reporters about the ask at Tuesday’s press briefing.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top medical adviser, recently told Financial Times that even though he thinks there’s “no way” COVID-19 is eliminated entirely, he thinks the country might soon put the pandemic in the rearview.

So then why do taxpayers need to be on the hook for $30 billion more?

The level of insanity is truly beyond the pale.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth