BLM Terrorist Walks Free After Failed Assassination Attempt

It takes no mental effort to fully understand what’s going on in this country today:

Radical left-wing activists have essentially bullied politicians into permitting their terroristic activity all in the name of racial justice.

Black Lives Matter is responsible for the systematic destruction of major American cities over the summer of 2020 and were applauded for their efforts by progressive Democrats.

Hollywood celebrities, Deep State dark money donors, and even the Vice President all donated to BLM and other radical left-wing organizations, which helped them secure bail money for violent terrorists who wreaked havoc across the country.

[source: The Daily Caller]

This latest example of a domestic terrorist walking free will truly boggle your mind.

A local chapter of Black Lives Matter posted bail Wednesday for a left-wing activist accused of attempting to shoot a mayoral candidate, according to multiple local reports.

Quintez Brown faces multiple charges, including the alleged attempted murder of Craig Greenberg, a Democratic candidate for mayor, but the Louisville Community Bail Fund raised the funds to post his $100,000 bail.

A former staffer for then-candidate Joe Biden’s presidential campaign sought to blame “conspiratorial right-wing rhetoric” for the alleged shooting attempt in a post on Twitter prior to news of Brown’s arrest.

Brown, whose Twitter bio says he is running for a Louisville Metro Council seat and that he is a supporter of “scientific socialism,” had a history of advocacy for gun control and other left-wing causes.

Brown’s release drew outrage from a member of the Louisville Metro Council.

“It highlights everything wrong with the criminal justice process in Louisville,” Councilman Anthony Piagentini told the DCNF.

“It starts with the fact that an attempted murderer with a history of mental illness and randomly leaving town without telling anyone only received $100,000 bond instead of remand.”

“The person he targeted is a Democrat mayoral candidate. All indications are he was specifically going after the candidate as he didn’t shoot directly at any of the 4 other people who were in the room” Piagentini added.

We are truly living in dangerous times.

Leading progressives in Hollywood, Washington D.C., and elsewhere responsible for fudning BLM’s bail fund have yet to acknowledge their contribution to this terrorist’s freedom.

Mainstream media outlets are noticeably silent on the matter as well.

Author: Asa McCue