Liberal Tyrants Use Martial Law To Shut Down Peaceful Trucker Protest

What has this cruel and evil world come to at the hands of tyrannical liberal governments who make no qualms about ordering state police to crush peaceful protests — all in the name of fighting “misinformation”?!

The level of insanity is truly remarkable and Canada’s Justin Trudeau is to blame for all of it.

Canadian police arrested the remaining protesters at the Ambassador Bridge on Sunday.

Windsor police told the Associated Press about 12 people were peacefully arrested after dawn, with seven vehicles towed. A press release from the Windsor police department stated the arrested people “are all facing a charge of mischief.”

“Today, our national economic crisis at the Ambassador Bridge came to an end,” Mayor Drew Dilkens of Windsor said. “Border crossings will reopen when it is safe to do so, and I defer to police and border agencies to make that determination.”

It’s as upsetting as it is corrupt that local and federal police are emboldened by liberal authoritarian governments to impose on lawful and peaceful protests all because they happen to be against forced vaccinations.

Does this look like a proper use of police force to anyone?

President Joe Biden’s administration acknowledged the end of the bridge protest on Sunday, with U.S. Homeland Security Adviser Dr. Liz Sherwood-Randall stating the administration is “ready to support our Canadian partners wherever useful in order to ensure the restoration of the normal free flow of commerce can resume,” the outlet reported.

What happened to the “normal flow of commerce” when small businesses begged to stay open when Democrats insisted it wasn’t safe?

Windsor police announced Saturday morning they were commencing enforcement of the judge’s ruling to open the trade route. Many vehicles left when directed to do so, though some still remained, with the protesters who stayed singing “O Canada,” the country’s national anthem.

The arrests at the Ambassador Bridge come a day after Toronto-Dominion Bank froze two personal bank accounts containing a combined total of $1.4 million in Canadian currency, or $1.1 million USD, that was intended to support the Freedom Convoy protesters. Ontario officials previously froze donations from fundraising platforms GiveSendGo on Thursday and GoFundMe on Feb. 4.

Sad and bleak. A disastrous time that history will not look fondly on.

Author: Asa McCue