DESERTED! Another Top Kamala Harris Staffer Abandons Sinking Ship

Vice President Kamala Harris’ political career continues to collapse before our very eyes, as yet another high-ranking member of her team has reportedly had enough, and decided to walk away from the VP’s turbulent office.

Kate Childs Graham, Harris’ chief speechwriter, is leaving the vice president’s office at the end of the month, according to Fox News.

A White House official said, “Kate is leaving the office, but not the family. The vice president is grateful for her service to the administration.”

“We are excited for her next step,” the official added.

This wouldn’t be cause for major concern if it was the first of its kind – but it is certainly not that. The office has seen a virtual exodus over the course of her first year in office as staffers complain about their workplace morale.

Harris’ communications director Ashley Etienne resigned in November to “pursue other opportunities.” That came after reports of exasperation between Harris’ office and Biden’s amid lagging approval ratings for Harris.

Shortly after Etienne’s departure, Symone Sanders announced she would be departing at the end of the year. Harris’ office said Sanders, a senior adviser and her chief spokesperson, “will be missed.”

In January, Vincent Evans, who served as the vice president’s deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs for nearly a year, left to become the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus.

In a press conference on the eve of the anniversary of his inauguration, President Biden said unambiguously that Harris would be his running mate for re-election in 2024.

“She is going to be my running mate – number one. And number two, I did put her in charge. I think she’s doing a good job,” Biden said.

The public has seen a bit of Harris’ true colors as she has shared a number of tense exchanges where she snapped on reporters who have pressed her a little harder than the pampered Democrat is used to.

A poll from January also revealed that the Vice President’s approval ratings are critically low.

The survey found that a dismal 32 percent approve of the job Harris has done since being in the White House. Other recent polls have shown Harris hovering between 37 percent and 43 percent approval. In contrast, 47.4 percent disapprove of Harris.

That same poll found that 71.3 percent of Americans think the country is “weaker than it was four years ago.” Fifty-one percent are very worried, and 32.1 percent are somewhat worried about the “future of America’s democracy.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard slammed the Vice President – admitting she was only chosen based on the color of her skin and her sex – noting she has turned out to be a “disaster” thus far.

“Biden chose Harris as his VP because of the color of her skin and sex—not qualification,” Gabbard tweeted. “She’s been a disaster. Now he promises to choose Supreme Court nominee on the same  criteria. Identity politics is destroying our country.”

Author: Chase Dramond