Biden Believes He Can Cure Cancer Despite Being America’s Deadliest Disease

If Joe Biden truly wants to reduce cancer in this country he can resign immediately as he is America’s most deadly form of disease.

His policies murderous, his mental cognition in decline, the failing president can barely utter a complete sentence let along cure terminal diseases.

[source: Breitbart]

Joe Biden touted his past support for an organization called the Biden Cancer Initiative on Wednesday, as he announced a “Moonshot” on cancer research — but ignored its scandal-plagued history, which arose in the 2020 campaign.

As the New York Post reported in 2020, the organization — which Biden opened after leaving office in 2017, but closed just two yeas later — spent no money on cancer research, but spent millions of dollars of donors’ money on staff salaries.

The Washington Free Beacon had reported earlier in 2020 that the Biden Cancer Initiative spent 65% of its total budget of nearly $5 million on staff compensation between 2017 and 2018. It spent nothing whatsoever on cancer research.

Moreover, Biden’s appearance at a conference in 2017 to promote the Biden Cancer Initiative served as a pretext for a meeting with businessman Tony Bobulinski, who was to set up a joint venture with a Chinese firm.

Bobulinski later confirmed reports, based on materials on the laptop of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, that he had met with the former Vice President, who wanted to be given 10% of the equity in the company, which was to have been called Sinohawk.

Biden lost his other son, Beau, to brain cancer in 2015 — a loss that, Biden says, motivates his interest in curing the disease.

In presenting his “Moonshot” initiative, Biden castigated doctors, hospitals, and researchers on Wednesday for allegedly refusing to share their knowledge about cancer treatments, promising that his new initiative would break down the “silos” between different research institutions.

He also claimed that all cancer patients wanted to share their private medical data, despite legal protections and other practices that made the sharing of patients’ personal information more difficult.

Like the Clinton Foundation, any attempt by Joe Biden to create institutions dedicated to fighting cancer is another way for he and his family to funnel money from America’s greatest adversaries. It has nothing to do with actually aiding in research to fight cancer; it’s political — plain and simple.

Author: Nolan Sheridan