BREAKING! America Mounting Its Own Massive Trucker Convoy To Protest Alongside Canada

America is set to get its own convoy of truckers protesting against COVID-19 mandates after a Facebook group named “Convoy to DC” has emerged, calling upon all truckers in the United States to form a nationwide chain of semi-trucks and other vehicles in protest of vaccine mandates.

The group, which is drawing inspiration from a similar movement in Canada comprised of 50,000 truckers headed towards Canada’s capital of Ottawa, has not set a date yet for when this convoy would start, but organizers and members have suggested that the protest begin in California and end in Washington, D.C.

“We are part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers,” Convoy to DC stated in its “About” section on its Facebook page. “We believe everyone has a voice. We support our freedom. Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place. God Bless America.”

The Facebook group calling for the U.S. convoy has amassed more than 90,000 members and followers, up from 67,000 on Sunday, based on media reports. While the group is asking for truck drivers and long haulers specifically to join the caravan, the page is filled with posts from non-truck drivers in support of the movement.

“There are plenty of retired Americans with Airstreams and RVs that can join the Trucker Convoys,” one user wrote. “They would be a great support team by cooking, providing supplies and nice washrooms for the truckers.”

The group of Canadian truckers is officially known as “The Freedom Convoy,” and was initially formed to protest against a vaccine mandate that began on January 15 and demanded that truckers receive a COVID-19 vaccine in order to cross the Canadian-U.S. border.

Additionally, unvaccinated drivers who crossed the U.S. border would have to quarantine, thereby missing work, upon returning home. That protest has been extended to protesting all Canadian COVID-19 vaccine mandates and has gained international support.

The convoy of truckers arrived in Ottawa for a protest attended by tens of thousands of people. Videos online of the protest showed thousands of people marching through Ottawa in support of the movement.

In response, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly went into hiding. The mainstream media has slandered the Freedom Convoy as racists and fascists.

Now, a separate convoy of truckers has formed a blockade at the U.S. – Canada border and police tactical units have been dispatched in response.

The blockade began Saturday, when drivers began to assemble on Highway 4 in Coutts, Alberta, on the border of Canada and the United States. The protest blocked travel completely on both sides of the Coutts border crossing, the Western Standard, an Alberta-based news site, reported Saturday. “Nothing is moving on either side of the border. They have blocked the shoulders now in both directions, too. You can’t get by at all now,” said reporter James Finkbeiner.

The protest seemed to escalate Sunday. Royal Canadian Mounted Police posted a statement to Facebook Sunday morning declaring the protest unlawful. “The Alberta RCMP continue to act to preserve the peace and maintain public safety at the Coutts border crossing. Extensive efforts have been taken to engage with all stakeholders in the hopes that a peaceful resolution can be reached. We are working with truck drivers who are attempting to disengage from this event so that they are able to do so; however, current conditions have traffic immobilized.”

“The Alberta RCMP will use only the level of intervention necessary to ensure the safety of all citizens and to maintain peace, order, and security,” the statement continued.

“Our goal is to facilitate lawful and peaceful protest. When an event becomes unlawful we utilize a measured approach, which ultimately includes enforcement. This event is unlawful and we are asking those who are involved to clear the area.”

“The Alberta RCMP uses necessary measures to protect the fundamental freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, to promote the safety of all citizens, to enforce laws and to maintain peace and order. In turn, it must be recognized that while everyone has a right to peaceful freedom of expression; the general public, local residents and businesses also have the right to a safe environment and freedom of movement.”

Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney issued a statement also issued a statement late Sunday condemning the protest as illegal.

“The blockade of the Coutts border crossing violates the Alberta Traffic Safety Act,” Kenney wrote on Twitter. “It is causing significant inconvenience for lawful motorists and could dangerously impede movement of emergency service vehicles. This blockade must end.”

As of Monday afternoon, the truckers were surrounded by police but have decided to remain in place.

Author: Glenn David