Shocker: President Trump Gets Ball Rolling On Hunter Biden Investigation

With barely any public knowledge, then-President Donald Trump instructed his Department of Justice to begin an investigation into the dark money records of Hunter Biden and his business associates.

Hunter has been permitted to enrich himself and his family using his father’s influence. The embattled Biden son is known to have secret back-door deals with China, Russia, and Ukraine. He’s sat on the board of a controversial Ukrainian energy company, invested in Chinese companies closely connected with the Communist Party, and even received a multimillion-dollar payday from the mayor of Moscow’s wife…

No one’s been able to explain that one.

However, according to reports, the Department of Justice in 2019 subpoenaed records related to Hunter Biden and two of his business partners’ deals in China.

The order sent to JP Morgan Chase bank requested records of any international financial transactions involving Hunter, his uncle James Biden and former business associates Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer over the prior five years.

The filing, which targets financial ties between the four men and the Bank of China, was obtained by Marco Polo, an anti-corruption nonprofit established by former Trump administration official Garrett Ziegler.

The subpoena was issued in May 2019 by Delaware’s U.S. Attorney Davis Weiss. Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, was a presidential candidate at the time.

It’s still not quite known the status of an ongoing investigation into Hunter, Joe and their collective business deals.

However, one thing we know: if Donald Trump reclaims the White House in 2024 with congressional majorities, the Biden family will be forced to answer for their insidious investments and dark money collusion.

Author: Nolan Sheridan