Synagogue Terrorist Last Words Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

And yet Joe Biden and his FBI claim the terrorists was “not specifically targeting” Jewish Americans.

What a f***** joke!

In yet more evidence disproving an initial FBI claim that Malik Faisal Akram’s decision to take worshipers at a synagogue hostage at gunpoint was “not specifically targeting” the Jewish community, a leaked tape reveals the Islamist terrorist ranting to his family about “the f***ing Jews” hours before he was shot.

Akram is heard saying to his brother, Gulbar, “I’ve asked Allah for this death, Allah is with me, I’m not worried in the slightest.”

The British citizen then continues, “Why do these f***ing motherf***ers come to our countries, rape our women and f*** our kids?”

He continued: “I’m setting a precedent … maybe they’ll have compassion for f***ing Jews.”

According to the British newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle, Gulbar, speaking from a police station in his hometown of Blackburn, tried to convince his brother to surrender himself.

But Malik answered, “Live your f***ing life bro, you f***ing coward. We’re coming to f***ing America. F*** them if they want to f*** with us. We’ll give them f***ing war.”

He repeatedly called for the release of Aafia Siddiqui, the so-called “Lady of Al Qaeda” a Pakistani national who is serving an 86-year sentence for the attempted killing of U.S. military personnel after being arrested for her involvement in 9/11, to whom he referred as his “sister.”

Siddiqui is a raving antisemite who has blamed the Jews for 9/11.

The audio ended shortly before the hostages escaped from the synagogue after the rabbi threw a chair at Akram. Akram was subsequently killed in a firefight by an FBI SWAT team. His final words were: “I’m going.”

The FBI, meanwhile, came under fire for claiming that Akram was was “not specifically” targeting the Jewish community, and that the synagogue had been picked at random.

God Help Us.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth