Top Republican Warns McConnell: Work With Trump Or Else

Yes, it’s true: Lindsey Graham has a questionable past in regards to his support for Trump. He’s often been horribly misinformed and unable to understand the utility of President Trump’s rhetorical style and the gist of his MAGA movement.

Sen. Graham has had moments of greatness, specifically in regards to the widespread voter fraud during the 2020 election, but still never pushed as hard as he could.

But now he appears concerned, probably because he understands the fate of Senate and House RINOs who oppose the Former President.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has long warned Republicans that former President Donald Trump is the face of the party, but now he is even firing a warning shot at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Leading the Senate GOP requires following Trump, or McConnell should get out of the way, Graham effectively told Fox News’ “Hannity” this week.

“Elections are about the future,” Graham said. “If you want to be a Republican leader in the House or the Senate, you have to have a working relationship with President Donald Trump.

“He’s the most consequential Republican since Ronald Reagan. It’s his nomination if he wants it, and I think he’ll get reelected in 2024.”

But years before the next presidential election, there will be a decision on who leads the Senate GOP, and Graham suggested he could not vote for McConnell, who has broken with Trump after Jan. 6.

“I’m not going to vote for anybody for leader of the Senate as a Republican unless they can prove to me that they can advocate an ‘American First’ agenda and have a working relationship with President Trump, because if you can’t do that, you will fail,” Graham concluded.

Wise words coming from a man who’s relationship with Trump has been shaky at times.

It appears, however, that Sen. Graham is fully on board with Trump’s agenda moving forward.

If only we knew definitively whether or not Trump plans on being the 2024 nominee!

Author: Nolan Sheridan