Just When You Thought The 2020 Presidential Election Was Over…

Up until now the Democrats have been largely successful at shutting down any attempt to unearth the truth about what really happened during the 2020 presidential election.

It’s well known at this point that widescale voter fraud enabled Joe Biden to secure a “victory” using COVID as a justification to allow some of the most ridiculous voting practices this country has ever seen.

Lest we forget, some states allowed voters to cast their ballot in a drive though.

Also, an event that’s burned into our memories: when ballot counters decided they couldn’t proceed and had to go home for a nap. Then, miraculously, around 4am, a huge dump of ballots appeared for Joe Biden.

Funny how that works…

But now the tides are turning thanks to a brave judge in one of the most highly contested states.

In Wisconsin, Dane County Circuit Judge Rhonda Lanford issued a ruling on Monday that a 2020 election review can proceed after state Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, attempted to shut down the investigation.

The inquiry, which the Wisconsin Democratic Party has sought to deter, is being led by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

State House Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, initiated the audit in October when he approved subpoenas for the Wisconsin Elections Commission and its administrator, Meagan Wolfe, over several anomalies in the narrow Wisconsin 2020 election results.

The post-recount results showed that President Joe Biden bested former President Donald Trump by 20,682 votes to win Wisconsin in 2020.

Kaul attempted to block the subpoena of Wolfe through a temporary injunction he filed the same month the suit was filed. He argued that the subpoena was ”unreasonably overbroad and burdensome” and sought Wolfe’s testimony in private rather than in public.

Lanford said the elections commission and Wolfe ”have not shown irreparable injury, an inadequate remedy at law or preservation of the status quo,’‘ which are ”elements necessary for the Court to consider in deciding whether to grant a temporary injunction.”

The circuit judge also rejected Gableman’s motion to dismiss Kaul’s suit overall.

Bottom line, voters deserve to know the truth.

Author: Asa McCue