Small Group Of Americans Still Stand Behind Biden — You Won’t Believe Why

Joe Biden is tanking — and fast.

As each day passes the American voter seems bewildered by the rapid demise of our once-great nation, all by the hands of one man’s administration.

We’re constantly reminded of the ease in which most Americans were able to go about their lives under Trump’s presidency. Everything was cheap, taxes were low, and there a general feeling of optimism amongst those of us who were paying attention.

But it appears many Biden voters are regretting their decision.

Still, who really feels comfortable supporting this cretin?

Only 35% of respondents approve of Joe Biden’s job performance, according to a recent poll.

Biden also received record-high (56%) disapproval from the poll, with 9% having no opinion. The poll showed Biden with net approval of negative 20. This comes as Biden has been in office just less than a year and has dealt with a host of problems so far: a supply chain crisis, record-high inflation, and botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden had the lowest job approval among the 18- to 34-year-old age group, as 27% and 58% disapprove. The 65-plus-year-olds gave Biden the highest approval at only 41 and 54% disapproval.

The president was underwater with women and men. Men only showed 31% approval with 62% disapproving, while women only showed 39% approval and 50% disapproval.

Broken down by race, white respondents showed 28% approval and 64% disapproval. However, Biden was roughly the opposite among black respondents, who indicated 63% approval and 20% disapproval.

Biden’s job performance is underwater in 46 states, including California — which is considered a solidly blue state in the presidential elections and overwhelming voted for Biden in 2020 — and tied in Maryland 44% approval to 44% disapproval.

Only three states approve of Biden’s performance: Massachusetts (48 – 39%), Hawaii (49 – 42%), and Vermont (49-39%).

The CIVIQS rolling job approval average had 147,731 responses tracked between January 20 and January 4, just less than a whole year of Biden being in office.

Let’s just hope this lack of confidence in the cognitively deficient president inspires a massive voter turnout in the Republican’s favor.

The future of our country depends on it.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth